The Raven’s Child by Thomas E. Sniegoski (Review by Gladys, #NerdGirlOfficial, #XoXoTheNerdGirl)

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As you know from time to time we will share with you some reviews or musings from the “Non Indie” world so here are Gladys’s thoughts on The Raven’s Child.

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Title: The Raven’s Child

Author:  Thomas E. Sniegoski

Published Date: August 4th 2015

Genre: Graphic Novel


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Thomas E. Sniegoski has entranced audiences with his exploration of theBatman universe, thrilled fans with his Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics, and uncovered the paranormal with his Hellboy spin-off series, B.R.P.D. Now, he introduces readers to a mesmerizing dark world filled with monsters, where humanity’s only hope lies in the bravery of one woman…

When the Throng came, the human race never stood a chance. The monsters were simply too strong, too numerous. It only took a few months for them to take over and leave the few poor souls who survived cowering in terror for years to come.

But even the monsters fear something: the dark goddess known as the Raven’s Child. Legend says that she alone is destined to destroy the Throng and free those under their cruel power.

And whoever wields her name and image could become the bane of the Throng and an inspiration to humankind—even if she were only a young woman, like Carissa Devin, who has vowed to reclaim the world for the human race, no matter what the cost…

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***Gladys #NerdGirlOfficial #XoXoTheNerdGirl Review***
I was thrilled to receive an ARC of this graphic novel but am very delayed with my review and with that I apologize. It is a totally thrilling read with fantasic illustrations!! Tom Browns work was dark and beautiful. Truly a piece of skillful art! Love it. His work speaks volumes and can tell a story all on their own. Like a new fangirl I will be looking up his other works and gobbling them up!!
As a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, I have a few of Thomas E. Sniegoski works already. He amazes me at every turn!! In this graphic novel he didn’t dissapoint! In this standalone graphic novel (which of course saddened the series lover in me) we had the right mix of strong compelling heroine, evil characters and monsters!!! The world building was fantastic and the characters leaped from the page!! I literally was sitting on the edge of my seat on this one!! Love love loved it!!!
Jump at the chance to grab it!! 5 stars and a tip of the Nerd Girl hat!! My geek girl was dancing around as well!!!


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