Aerisia Gateway to the Underworld by Sarah Ashwood (Review by Christine #NerdGirlPixie)


Title: Aerisia: Gateway to the Underworld

Author: Sarah Ashwood

Published Date: July 29, 2014

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


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Discovering she is another world’s prophesied heroine was not something Hannah Winters could have ever predicted. However, having accepted the mantle of Aerisia’s Artan, Hannah must now move beyond the pain of the past and conquer her magic in order to save this land. Will the pitfalls awaiting her—suspicion, rumors, lies, betrayal, murder, warfare—halt her quest? Who is Hannah’s ally, and who only appears to be? Will shocking revelations about her heritage push her away or convince her that she’s walking the right path? With the Dark Powers growing bolder every day, Hannah’s pursuit of answers leads her to the Underworld, a place where even immortals dare not tread, on a journey from which she may not return…

Please Note- Earlier version of this review had a disclaimer that was not needed/not true. This book is safe for all audiences.
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***Christine #NerdGirlPixie Review***
 Hannah Winters went for a walk near her home in Colorado, and ended up in a Fairytale.
Only unlike any Fairytale she remembers.  In this one, She is the hero, and everyone looks to her to save Aerisia.
Bound by Joining with a large scary man whose every thought is hidden behind a stalwart façade, Hanah encounters all manner of strange creatures, and takes a trip to the Underworld in her efforts to learn to become The Artan.
Sarah Ashwoods world is so detailed, you can almost feel the light.  I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

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