Beyond Regeneration by Jenny Schwartz (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)

Beyond Regeneration

Title: Beyond Regeneration

Author:  Jenny Schwartz

Published Date: October 6th 2015

Genre:  Sci Fi


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It’s complicated. Charley Rowdon knew Dr. Jack Bradshaw years ago, before the accident, before she lost her left arm. Before her husband died. Jack is an internationally respected regeneration specialist, and he’s just made the breakthrough of the century: using QNA to grow non-human bio-enhancements on people, including himself. Think superhuman senses, claws, and even, wings.

However, when, as a journalist, Charley accepts Jack’s invitation to accompany him to his private clinic, a luxury resort on the beautiful south west coast of Australia, she finds more than medical science and altered humanity.

Murder, espionage and a scientific development that Jack never ever predicted will challenge Charley to shed her grief and fear, and solve a mystery beyond imagining.

But as Charley regenerates her life, how much will she risk by loving again?

“Beyond Regeneration” is a novel of old grief and new beginnings. The science is fabulous, more fiction than fact, but the emotions are real. This is the story of a woman badly hurt by life who finds the courage to embrace the unbelievable, and love again.


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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***
Anything that can be imagined is possible in Science Fiction. In this case, in a world where it is already possible to re-grow missing limbs etc. Dr Jack Bradshaw develops a technique allowing other items from animals to be added to humans: hence the title – Beyond Regeneration.
It is not the science that will hold you attention, though, it is the human interaction including romance, the moral issues discussed and the murder mystery that needs solving.
This is an extremely well-crafted tale from an experienced author and I heartily recommend it.


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