Jax (Immortals of New Orleans #7) by Kym Grosso (ARC Review by #NerdGirlJulie)


Title: Jax (Immortals of New Orleans #7) 

Author: Kym Grosso

Published Date: November 17th 2015

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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Agrestis Wolves’ Alpha, Jax Chandler, is on a mission to exact retribution after being captured and tortured by an enigmatic adversary. When the sophisticated publishing mogul rescues a beautiful wolf, he recognizes the woman he’d once believed to be his mate. Captivated, he sets out to discover her secrets and teaches her to embrace submission.

With Alpha blood running through her veins, Katrina Livingston’s shifter magic has been systematically stolen over time. On the run from demonic forces, she turns to the striking New York Alpha, the one she’s both hurt and protected. As she indulges in his erotic world, she struggles to resist the instinct to mate with Jax, a bond she believes will kill him.

From New York to New Orleans, Jax and Katrina embark on a dark and sensual adventure, discovering sorcery that could eradicate his entire pack. With their lives in danger, they search for clues to release her from the ominous prophesy. Will they survive the predator that comes ever closer to destroying their lives? And will Jax acknowledge the bond to a woman he never imagined he could trust to be his mate?


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***#NerdGirlJulie’s  Review***
Jax is the seventh installment of Kym Grosso’s Immortals of New Orleans series. The story can be read as a standalone, however, I find that it is more enjoyable to read this series in order since each one ends with Grosso’s trademark epilogue that acts as a segue to her next book.

The main characters are Jax and Katrina, and they were introduced in previous books of the series. Jax is the Alpha of the Agrestis Wolves. He is pure testosterone. Jax is dominant; he rules with an iron fist but has a sense of justice. He’s lived a long life, and with all that he has seen, he has become mature and learned how to fairly rule his pack without ever looking like a softy. Katrina is the daughter and sister of an Alpha. You’d think she would have figured out that the Alpha is in charge of the pack, but she can’t help putting her assertive side out there. She is mostly feisty and challenging, but she has become the victim of a mysterious force which has drained her physically and emotionally. Several favorite characters from the series have been seamlessly woven into Jax’s story. Mick Germaine, a warlock, is new to the series. He is into the ladies, quirky and a bit of recluse.

The story is set in New York and New Orleans. The plot of Jax is fast paced and filled with action. Quintessentially Grosso, the story is replete with high sexual tension, exotic toys and steamy erotic scenes. Grosso has also added in tidbits of NOLA history and lore into the story. There are plenty of details in the story and the scenes so that readers feel they are in New Orleans with Jax and Katrina. Grosso is adept at creating a sense of foreboding and slowly building the story tension to its ultimate culmination. The twist at the end is quite a shocker! In true Grosso style, there is a scintillating, epic epilogue to which fans have grown accustom. Thankfully, the epilogue in Jax does not have a cliff-hanger feel to it.


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