Finding Courage (Love’s Compass Book 3) by Melanie D. Snitker (Review by Stepehenee – #NerdGirlSteph)

Finding Courage

Title: Finding Courage (Love’s Compass Book 3) 

Author: Melanie D. Snitker

Published Date: October 2015

Genre: Christian Romance


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Finding Courage is a clean, Christian romance novel and the third book in the Love’s Compass series.

It takes courage to ask for a second chance…even more to accept one.

For Duke and Avalon McNeil, it was love at first sight. Married within months of meeting, their feet hardly touched the ground until the reality of their haste hit home with startling clarity.

Duke’s heart shattered when Avalon vanished for nearly three weeks, fleeing their arguments and misunderstandings. Now she’s back. He’s happy she’s home and safe, but he isn’t ready to risk everything again when their bond was so easily broken.

Avalon’s relieved to be home. She’s desperate to make peace between them, but returns with a secret. She can’t reveal anything to Duke until she proves to him she came back to restore their relationship.

As outside pressure continues to threaten Duke and Avalon’s fragile foundation, they must find the strength to prove to each other their marriage is worth fighting for.

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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph  Review***
I have read ALL of author Melanie Snitker’s books and each one is a bit more amazing than the previous one, but no less of a favorite (if that makes sense).  She is a unique author in the sense that she is able to include a message, or meaning in her words that stays with the reader long after they have finished reading the book.  Her books are based on Christian beliefs, but are in no way preaching or overpowering with religion.  She is a master at weaving a tale that takes readers out of their chairs, sofa’s or wherever they read and straight into the fields of OK, or the dusty roads of Texas.  She makes the reader forget about life around them as they frantically turn the pages of their books/e-readers and brings them to the world of Duke and Avalon and their families.

If you have read the authors previous books then you will be happy to catch up with some of her former characters, such as Lance and Lexie and mentions of some others in this book.  You will also fall in love with a new set of characters!  Author Melanie Snitker makes her characters completely relatable and instantly likable.  Her characters suck the readers in and it seems like you are friends with them and have known them forever. It is like a childhood best friend that you see once a year but it is almost as if no time has passed at all.

Duke and Avalon are married after only knowing each other for a short time, but they know that it is love and that they never want it to end, despite the problems that they encounter. The problem is that Duke’s parents are not in approval nor is his brother.  Will family prevent them from a HEA? Is their love strong enough to endure? What do Avalon’s parents think of their marriage? How do they make it work? All these questions and more are answered and then some in this book.  It is a refreshing read that leaves the reader feeling happy, optimistic and with open eyes on their own future.

Do yourself a favor and add this author and her books to your TBR list – they are a different take on romance and life problems that happen to us all in some way.  She really leaves the reader with a smile on their face and a bit of peace flowing through them.  Enjoy this one and her others – you won’t be sorry that you found this amazing author!


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