The Ghosts of Ravencrest (The Ravencrest Saga Book 1) by Tamara Thorne And Alistair Cross (Review by Cianna – #NerdGirlSunshine)


Title: The Ghosts of Ravencrest (The Ravencrest Saga Book 1) 

Author: Tamara Thorne And Alistair Cross 

Published Date: September 20th 2015

Genre:  Horror


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Darkness Never Dies …
Ravencrest Manor has always been part of the family. The ancestral home of the Mannings, Ravencrest’s walls have been witness to generations of unimaginable scandal, horror, and depravity. Imported stone by stone from England to northern California in the early 1800s, the manor now houses widower Eric Manning, his children, and his staff. Ravencrest stands alone, holding its memories and ghosts close to its dark heart, casting long, black shadows across its grand lawns, through the surrounding forests, and over the picturesque town of Devilswood, below.

Dare to Cross the Threshold …
Ravencrest Manor is the most beautiful thing new governess, Belinda Moorland, has ever seen, but as she learns more about its tangled past of romance and terror, she realizes that beauty has a dark side. Ravencrest is built on secrets, and its inhabitants seem to be keeping plenty of their own – from the handsome English butler, Grant Phister, to the power-mad administrator, Mrs. Heller, to Eric Manning himself, who watches her with dark, fathomless eyes. But Belinda soon realizes that the living who dwell in Ravencrest have nothing on the other inhabitants – the ones who walk the darkened halls by night … the ones who enter her dreams … the ones who are watching … and waiting …

Welcome to Ravencrest …
Who is the man digging in the garden beyond Belinda’s bedroom window? Who – or what – is watching her from the vents? From ghostly screams and the clutching bony fingers of death in the indoor pool, to the trio of gliding nuns in the east wing who come at Belinda with black blazing eyes, to the beckoning little girl in the red dress who died more than two centuries ago, Belinda is thrust into a world of waking nightmares where there is no distinction between the living and the dead, and there are no limits to the horrors that await. Witchcraft is afoot at Ravencrest and as unspeakable terrors begin to unfold, Belinda realizes that her beautiful new home is a keeper of tragedy, a collector of souls. And it wants to add her to its collection …


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Cianna – #NerdGirlSunshine’s  Review***
Impressive! I have to admit, through the first third of this book, I was on the fence. I wasn’t sure if this book was for me. I’m not a fan for romance novels, especially erotic romances, they just don’t interest me, but I am a fan of horror novels, and this novel looked to be a good one. As I got deeper and deeper into the myth and legend that was Ravencrest, the more this store slipped into the cracks in my mind. It wedged itself there, and refused to go away until I finished the book. So many questions, so much lore. It was outstanding.

In the book, we meet Belinda, the young, pure, soon to be governess of Ravencrest. She gets hired on the spot at her interview (don’t think too hard on it, it’s not real but it’s not worth overthinking), and she begins life at the manner, though, not yet doing any governess-ing. It’s clear from the beginning of the book that things are not what they seem at the manner. There’s the handsome widower Eric Manning, and his two children, there’s Mrs. Heller the stern and strict house manager, and Grant the friendly and kind butler. They all have their stories to tell, and you are brought into a giant web of stories in this novel. Stories from present day, from 1900s, and so much more.

I noticed a few issues in the grammatical structure of the novel, some dialogue quotes go missing, etc, but nothing major. I rounded by 4.5 star to a 5 because I feel like this book has all the great hallmarks of a great horror novel, as long as you don’t mind the erotic nature that seems to go hand in hand at Ravencrest. This is definitely an adult book, but not one to be missed. Both authors blend fluently together and gave me a story I won’t soon forget. I am usually nervous for a double author book, but this one was great.

The end of this novel leaves you wanting more. One of the plot points is wound up, but the countless other threads that Thorne & Cross weave are left blowing in the wind. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next installment of this series. It’s dark, it’s erotic, but most of all it’s well written and highly detailed. These stories chill you to the bone, and make you leave the light on a little longer. Throughouly enjoyed this novel, and look forward to more!


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