Evil Never Dies by Rick Haynes (Review by Derek, #NerdGirlDad)


Title: Evil Never Dies

Author: Rick Haynes

Published Date: 13th July 2015

Genre:  Fantasy


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The Maxilla are a peaceful clan but when rumours of dark magic arrive once again, can they survive the threat from, Myracadonis, the shaman?
Tarn will lead the Maxilla into battle for the first time, but a man with the mark of greatness will always have enemies. Grona hates everyone, including his son, Tarn. Both are destined to be heroes yet only one can stand before the gates of Hell and win.
Evil Never Dies is my first novel and is a classic medieval tale of good and evil set against a backdrop of green lands, snowy mountains and dusty plains.
I show the horrors of war, as well as the loyalty and fears of all those involved. I believe that all men are flawed, and I leave it to you, the reader, to decide whether I have succeeded in showing their strengths and weaknesses, their compassion and cruelty. For war brings out the best and the worst in even the gentlest of men.
I have let my mind wander freely over the words, and I hope that you will enjoy your trip into the world of my imagination.

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***Derek, #NerdGirlDad Review***
The synopsis lets you know what to expect, and you will not be disappointed. The author demonstrated his skill in his first book, Bolt from The Blue, and the standard is kept up. The various battle scenes will have you believing you are there and you may well wonder if good will eventually triumph over Evil. Fortunately this the first book in the Maxilla saga so we have at least one more to enjoy.

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