Honey Moon by Arlene Webb (Review by Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal)

Honey Moon

Title: Honey Moon 

Author: Arlene Webb 

Published Date: September 22nd 2015

Genre:  Science Fiction/Erotica


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Thousands win homes off-planet. Too-good-to-be-true questions turn deadly. It’ll take more than wedding vows to learn if happily-ever-afters are real.

On crowded Earth, people are thrilled as technology expands to colonize space. When a prominent dating site offers the chance for a better life, thousands apply to hop on board.

Owner of a famous political blog, Sam Dexter understands how to qualify to win a ride to the moon. What he doesn’t get is why it’s offered to so many. With a bride on his arm who hasn’t a clue concerning his real identity, maybe he can learn. Not as though much can go wrong through pretending to be in love with Laree and conning the woman into helping him, right?

Jenna Jensen is terrified. Fear concerning the potential fate of lovers worldwide is steadily growing in her mind. Shuttles geared up to launch, there’s little time to find proof of something nefarious. What she needs is to warn a naïve groom or two. After all, meeting up with a stranger and convincing him to help has to be safe, doesn’t it?


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal’s  Review***
3.5 stars out of 5

The premise of this book intrigued me – Sci-fi and Thriller/ Conspiracy plots, a book where Thousands win homes off-planet to escape from the  Earth, which is over crowded polluted so there are plenty who want to jump at the chance to colonize space. How do they do it?  well one of the top dating companies has set it up for heterosexual couples to join in the selection pool, fill in some questionaires, pay $1000 and submit – just like now people submitting applications to immigration departments in the hope that their chance at being picked out of the pool and they get the chance for visas to Australia etc – but its now the Moon.

But one Blogger thinks something smells fishy, when one of his followers give’s him a clue he sets on a fact finding mission to investigate – the only problem is he needs a wife to get on the shuttles.

Now why Sam Dexter picked Laree I don’t know, she was a complete gold digger, horrible from the get go, I guess he thought if she was too busy spending his money, she wouldn’t notice his investigation( I wish I was Sam – hes a Blogger with millions!!!)

We then have Jenna Jensen she has some suspicions herself, but doesn’t know what to do about it – so her plan to act as an escort and meet these wood-be grooms in a bar is her plan (crazy I know)- she meets up with Sam, and would you believe it  – Sparks fly!

Shes only pretending to be an escort so she can get close and personal and whisper her suspicions.

I had a few raised eyebrow moments at why a seemingly intelligent girl would put herself in this position, but at least she meets up with Sam who is after all on the same conspiracy theory mission as she is.

Sam does everything to dissuade Jenna on the mission – and of course Jenna is determined to help him, so this also lends to some interesting moments.

Although at some times I felt that what was happening was contradictory, such as talk of incarceration, sterilization and imprisonment – surely on a world that’s over crowded they would just euthanize and save resources?  I enjoyed the writing style, one that stands to mind and really lent an air to the scene ( I don’t want to give away spoilers – but it is at Chapter 14 where Sam is slightly out of it and talking to his inner subconscious – I thought this was a good dialogue of how you could have imagines someone who is sleep deprived, suffering from shock & adrenaline after effects would lucid dream)

The other part I liked was the world Ms Webb described.  it reminded me of Blade Runner a world where its depressing, people have shoe box sized houses – if they have one at all, and where Big Brother watches constantly, and the tech that people had, it was a good projection on how our technology today may evolve.

Its a scary reality that could come true if some Corporate Companies & Governments got so powerful they became Omnipotent and controlled our lives completely.

it has a humorous tone to it and there are a few plot twists too, can Sam and Jenna get on board and unearth the truth behind the shuttle launches?


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