A Death in the Family (The Larch Dectective Agency Book 1) by Maggie Mundy (Review by Shelly #NerdGirlXrayer)

Death in the Family

Title: A Death in the Family (The Larch Dectective Agency Book 1) 

Author: Maggie Mundy 

Published Date: August 22nd 2015

Genre:  Paranormal romance


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A Death in the Family is a 1920’s murder mystery with a paranormal twist.
Finding out who killed her aunt means socialite Annabel Larch must give up her decadent life. She needs help from the mysterious Isaac Pennington, who carries physical and mental scars from World War 1 and for all she knows may be the perpetrator.
This thriller involves Brazilian artifacts, heroin dens and cult worship. Isaac and Annabel have to trust each other and sort through the clues to find out who slew her Aunt and try not to get murdered themselves.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Shelly – #NerdGirlXrayer’s  Review***
New Year Eve is a great time to party with family and friends. That is what Annabel is doing at the awesome party her Aunt is throwing. It all turns to tragedy when her Aunt is murdered. Annabel vows to find her murderer.

This story starts off with a bang and the action does not stop until the last page. Throughout the story Annabel finds out that things and people may not be all they appear to be on the outside. Lies are told, friendship are broken, love is found, and a unfamiliar world is entered. Annabel finds drugs, lies, cults, and so much more that she did not know family and friends were involved int. She also discovers that she has some paranormal abilities.

This story was a quick read but had so much angst, twists and turns that you did not know what was coming next. Ms. Mundy did an excellent job of throwing in so many surprises that I didn’t have a clue who was the murdered. Just when you thought you figured it out you were proved wrong. This makes for a great mystery read. I also loved that there was a blossoming relationship between Annabel and Isaac, two people that each had imperfections.

If you like a good mystery with great characters then I highly suggest this read.


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