The Casebook of Elisha Grey II by Isabeau Vollhardt (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)

Casebook 2

Title: The Casebook of Elisha Grey II

Author: Isabeau Vollhardt 

Published Date: August 11th 2015

Genre: Sci Fi / Mystery


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The Casebook of Elisha Grey II chronicles the work of Elisha Grey, scholar and consulting detective in Atlantis, as recorded by his flatmate and student at the Temple of Atlantis Kiara Ptolmai. The three novelettes, while continuing with themes introduced in The Casebook of Elisha Grey, can be read independently from that seminal text. “The Poisonings At The Pantry” is a mystery surrounding multiple cases of apparent food poisoning which require help from other students at the Temple of Learning to gather data on foods from various farms and factories; “The Relentless Sun and Thunder” centers around the possibility of someone able to change weather with his mind, requiring a journey to the country of Albion on the northeastern shores of the Atlantean Sea to visit a seer with experience in the matter; and “The Deaths At The Crooked Tower” focus on a polyamorous architect, his consorts, kinky architecture, and a variety of apparent murders and suicides.

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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***
: Everything I said about Book One, The Casebook of Elisha Grey, is true about this one. The stories (three of them) are as interesting as those in Book One, the characters are still as well identified and the standard of writing is still as good, so here is what I said then :- Go out, buy and enjoy.

In many ways, apart from the setting in Atlantis, you could be reading The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. Elisha Grey is as clever as Holmes, and the other main character, Kiara Ptolmai, is better than Watson in that he does make a contribution. For what it’s worth the world of Atlantis is well described, including the believable human/bird, human/horse etc.  Personally I think they detracted from rather than added to the enjoyment of the stories,


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