Tracing the Line by Ally Bishop – Review by Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph


Title: Tracing the Line

Author: Ally Bishop

Published Date: August 10th 2015

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance


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They say love doesn’t hurt.

But it’s a lie. I promise you, love someone long enough, and they’ll destroy your soul.

I’ve spent my life taking care of everyone else: my family, my ex-hus- band, my friends. Deep down, I know I should focus on myself, but how can I when I’ve got one sister about to implode while the other battles her own guilt?

The minute I met Kai Isaac, I should’ve run in the opposite direction. His business isn’t one I want any part of, and I’ve got way too much drama in my life already.

But his kiss…those eyes…the raging inferno he creates when he touches me…I can’t stay away. Life’s reeling out of control, and he’s my only refuge from the storm.

My sister Lux says trusting someone means not knowing everything about them and being okay with it…but what if not knowing the truth ruins everything?

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph Review***

This is the 3rd book in the series, but this is a New To Me author and Series and I was able to jump into this book with no problems.  I will now be going back to check out the first two books in the series, however, because this one was just that good. It is a series that I want to get the most out of! With that being said, let’s jump right into the review!

I loved the characters that author Ally Bishop has in this series.  They are flawed and they have issues and they are completely relatable due to this.  Lux, Zi and Blue have been through a terrible childhood but have survived mostly unscathed and as a result their love for each other keeps them together and fighting to move forward. This book is mostly focused on Zi and her relationship with Kai Isaac, a film maker of erotic movies (the one thing that Zi despises). Every relationship has secrets but the ones that Kai has may end this right as it gets started.

The plot is unpredictable and is a roller coaster of emotions both for the readers and the characters! The author keeps the reader guessing as they rush through the pages trying to figure out what might happen next.  There are no simple paths for any of the characters, so be prepared to fight your way through the thorns, brush and forest to get through!  The author keeps the readers attention throughout the story as they zoom through the pages to see where things might go next!

I have found a new author and one that I will be reading more of in the immediate future!  Don’t miss out on this amazing series and remember that you can start here or go to book 1. Add this to your TBR list so that you don’t miss a drop of the drama, action or romance that author Ally Bishop has to offer!!

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