Threefold (Three Fold) by Scott Hildreth – Review by Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph


Title: Threefold 

Author: Scott Hildreth

Published Date: April 24th 2015

Genre: Erotic Romance


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We aren’t limited on how many children we love, or to the love of only one parent. Has society programmed us to believe we should only love one partner? What if our heart fell deeply for two people?

Rain Bauer has had an awful life. After living with her abusive stepfather for 15 years, she finally develops the courage to leave at 18. Now 22 and homeless, she yearns for change in her life. As a young girl, she hoped for a prince, white horse, and a HEA, but it never came.

While sitting on a park bench contemplating change, her prince comes not on a white horse, but a Harley-Davidson.

Ethan Hawthorne is a 32 year old Harley riding tattooed hunk. After inviting her to his apartment for dinner, Rain learns Ethan and his roommate Cade are loving, caring, kind, and compassionate.

When she is invited to stay the night and wait out a terrible storm, the changes she has been hoping for begin to unfold…

But is she ready for what life is going to toss her way?

“I had always hoped one day love would call my name; and when it did, I’d be able to answer. I had no idea the call would come from two different directions at the same time.” – Rain

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph Review***
 I have read over 8 of author Scott Hildreth’s books, in several of his series and stand alone novels and each one is a bit different, a bit thought provoking, and without a doubt easily amazing reads. The one thing that never changes is that the books are written with a purpose and with a reflection of the type of person that the author is – he is clearly a caring, thoughtful, intelligent, and dedicated individual and his books will not please everyone but they will make the reader re-think things that they may take for granted throughout life.

He develops his characters so that the readers instantly feel a connection to them on some level and he forms a relationship with his readers and characters that invokes feelings from them. The reader will go through feelings of sadness, compassion, admiration and most importantly unconditional love right along with the characters.  The readers become invested in the lives and emotions of the characters.  They may not be able to relate to every decision in this story but they all be able to understand where they come from.

Rain has been dealt a terrible hand in life until she meets Ethan and Cade.  The decision that started their friendship, turned love is one that no one regrets no matter how hard things get.  Rain has learned that when something seems too good it usually is, but not in this case and not in the traditional sense.  Rain falls in love with both Ethan and Cade and they are ok with that – the book never involves the 3 of them at the same time but it does become a love between them all.

The author does a respectful job with creating this working triangle and the readers can’t help but to respect that.  This is a great read, but some into it knowing that there is a love triangle and that things get tough for the characters.  This is a HEA but at times the reader will doubt this and wonder if it is going to happen.

Add this to your TBR list if you are looking for a new take on a 3 way love – on a respectful take on how love shows no boundaries.  The one thing that you will take away from this book is the fact that the author is gifted and that you will become hooked on his style of writing and his characters.  Enjoy!

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