The Outcasts City in Ruins by K.C. Gray (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)

The Outcasts

Title: The Outcasts City in Ruins

Author: K.C. Gray

Published Date: August 16th 2014

Genre:  Urban Fantasy/Romance


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When fifteen-year-old Sophia Goodman meets Billy Carter and touches his hand, her very essence hums with pleasure. Sophia is so addicted to his touch she ignores Billy’s strange behavior. It’s obvious he’s hiding something, but by the time she realizes Billy isn’t as he seems, she finds herself thrust into a world filled with magic and mythological creatures.


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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s Review***
Sophia has always been better at a lot of things then most normal people, she can run faster, has amplified hearing, and amazing sight. Her parents have been fighting a lot so they move from the city to the country to try a new change of pace. Sophia is in the woods behind her house one day when she comes across a boy named Billy Carter. They talk for a little bit and she feels strongly drawn to him. They have a foot race and he sees how fast she really is and even though he seems a little off, she wants to see him more and hang out with him. He transfers to her school and they start hanging out and start dating and they can’t get enough of each other. One day Billy takes her out to this old cave that he found and he gives her something to drink which really messes with her head. She hallucinates so Billy takes her home and the next day meets her at her house and tells her that he has to see and talk to her. He leads her to a village where he tells her that because of what she is, she can never go home again, she can never see her family again, and that he and the people who live where he’s taken her are just like her and will be her family. She naturally freaks out and is angry and wants to leave but he tells her that if she tries to leave that the guards that are around will kill her. Sophie isn’t completely sure what is going on but knows that she is not supposed to be there and will go to any lengths necessary to escape.
I really enjoyed this story. The only issue I had was it seems to have a nice steady pace in the beginning then a rushed middle and end. There was one part that just came out of nowhere at the very end and I was a little confused by why it was brought up so abruptly and then just dropped. Although there is going to be a sequel to this from Billy’s POV which might explain things and I am interested to see what he was going through and know what his thoughts were during the story.


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