Behind the Chimera by Tiffany Reyes – Review by Derek, #NerdGirlDad


Title: Behind the Chimera

Author: Tiffany Reyes

Published Date: September 24th 2015

Genre: Dark Fantasy


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When Ian Crowell’s best friends are torn apart right before his eyes and he narrowly escapes the killer, he can’t imagine life could get much worse. That is, until the doctor tending to him starts acting strange and Ian knows the safest thing to do is get away. But while on the run, he discovers his pursuer may be a little less than human. Cornered in a library, Ian stumbles on a dusky passage in the wall behind a statue.

He thinks it’s an air shaft–a way out! In fact, it’s the way in…

This story is about a young man who gets sucked into another world, as ancient as it is technologically advanced. His goal is simple: find the one who can show him the way home. But Ian is unaware that a dark entity was awaiting his arrival and is intent on destroying him. It isn’t his fate. It isn’t his destiny. He was a regular person in the wrong place at the worst time.

Here is his struggle for survival on a grim planet charged with bizarre phenomena.

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***Derek, #NerdGirlDad Review***
  I would usually give a book as well written as this five stars. However for me there were continuity issues in that too much time is spent setting the scene on Earth, and no clues as to how we find ourselves on another world. The mechanics of the transfer are very well described – but it’s just not believable, and not a succession of events one could imagine happening.
That said, the story will have you cheering for the hero Ian as you stay with him through all his adventures as he tries to get back home, or even understand where he is.
The author seemed to me to have thought out every aspect of life on Ian’s new world and what rules she invents are kept to far better than in most debut novels. I join several other reviewers in looking forward to enjoying other works by Tiffany.


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