The Protector: Kingdom of Heaven by Greg Sandora (Review by Cianna – #NerdGirlSunshine)


Title: The Protector: Kingdom of Heaven 

Author: Greg Sandora 

Published Date: Sept. 9, 2015

Genre: Sci Fi / Fantasy


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In The Protector, Gabby is given an earth assignment that will put her angelic powers to the ultimate test. Gabby brings Bo from the peak of professional baseball straight into Heaven in this epic battle between good and evil. Ancient prophecies foretell Political Power rising from the worst evil imaginable. The second son of the beast manifests in a Presidential contender. A popular candidate destined to win the election. Funded by terrorism and the wealthiest people on the planet he walks the earth destined to rise to power and destroy mankind. Can Gabby and Bo defeat the most powerful evil in the Universe?

No miracle is too small when Bo takes a chance on a dream for pitching for professional baseball and his favorite angel, Gabby, returns to him. But not all is for the game with their latest assignment against an evil that will threaten the many and put his faith and conviction to the ultimate test. The Protector is a fun and lighthearted tale of following your dreams, and embracing all of God’s blessings around us.

Gabby returns to prove that an angel’s job is never done, as she recruits Bo again to help take on a new evil that will gain a dangerous and powerful position in the world if not stopped. Along the way, Bo will see unimaginable, glorious things that God has given humankind, all with the help of his angel friend. Fun and inspiring, Gabby will show you just how close we are to achieving countless miracles.

Bo’s life has been on the right track since he last saw his angel, so he is pleasantly surprised to see Gabby again when she suddenly reappears at his tryout for professional baseball. Once again she pulls him into a fight against evil, bringing him into her angelic view of the world’s miracles and tragedies, as he is pit against his greatest challenges yet.

The Protector can be read stand alone. Don’t miss the adventures of Gabby and Bo.

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***Cianna – #NerdGirlSunshine’s  Review***
 I’ve read a few books by Greg Sandora before, and I am happy to say The Protector lives up to those. Greg has a great sense of how to weave a tale of  faith, hope, and joy into the backdrop of modern America with all it’s struggles and speed bumps. In the Protector, Bo has gotten a chance of a lifetime, and he has to risk all that to work with Gabby to make a difference in something much greater then themselves. There’s conflict, laughs, and a sense of how much good someone can do if they truly care.
Overall, the writing is strong, the story tugs on heartstrings, and by the end of the novel you walk away feeling some hope for how things will turn out in the grander scheme. If you’re looking for a novel that will allow you to forget about what’s going on in your life now, lift you out of the muck of everyday struggles, then this is the book for you. It’s got everything you need to relax, get caught up, and just enjoy something completely unique.
Take a chance on this novel, I doubt you’ll regret it! :)

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