The Sibyl (The Oracle #1) by Cynthia D. Witherspoon (Review by Shelly – #NerdGirlXrayer)

The Sybil

Title: The Sibyl (The Oracle #1) 

Author: Cynthia D. Witherspoon

Published Date: October 1st 2014

Genre: Paranormal Fiction/Mythology


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Eva McRayne wanted a steady paycheck, not a television show. But when Elliot Lancaster hands her the opportunity to discredit his paranormal findings on camera, she finds it impossible to turn him down. Her life changes in more ways than one after she goes to New York to learn more about the theories she will be shooting down on television. Eva McRayne encounters a Sibyl desperate to be free of the shackles which bind her to Apollo.

Shackles she binds onto Eva – a disbeliever who learns the hard way just how real the paranormal can be.

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***Shelly – #NerdGirlXrayer’s  Review***
This book mixes paranormal and mythology, two of my favorite genres.  We meet Eva who doesn’t believe in the afterlife, ghosts, etc.  She signs onto a show with her best friend that has to do with all of this, but it is just acting right.  Eva and Eli are at a paranormal conference to prepare themselves before their first filming.  What Eva knows as the paranormal/mythology will all change when she is chosen as The Sibyl.  She is determined that it is a mistake but has so much to learn.  Lucky Cyrus is there to teach her since he is bound to be by her side.  As Cyrus shares the story with Eva it makes the whole book.  I loved learning the mythology behind it.  As Eva starts to use her new found talent.  There is plenty of angst, suspense, and some terrifying moments with the first ghost that she meets.

This story will hold your interest as it immerses into the mythology.  The characters are interesting and well developed.  The story will have you turning the page to learn more about the Sibyl.  I can’t wait to see where the next book leads us.


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