Elle’s Claim (Shifter Fates #1) by Laila Raimes (Review by #NerdGirlSara)

Elles Calim

Title: Elle’s Claim (Shifter Fates #1) 

Author: Laila Raimes 

Published Date: September 13th 2014

Genre:   Paranormal Erotica


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Finally after more than one thousand years, it is time for Elle to meet her True mates-Alphas to be exact-at the bi-annual Gathering of the Unmated. She’s known the precise day and time since she was young enough to remember. Now all she needs to do is camp out at the Gathering, meet her mates, complete the Scenting ritual, the Mating ritual and then begins the “happily ever after.”

But wait, nothing can be that easy, can it?

Of course not. First, along with the knowledge of the exact day and time came a prophecy that she and her two mates are to fulfill. But nothing is ever that straight forward. Elle has to be cautious, no one can know of her existence before the time is right. Not only that, but her Alphas have a secret of their own.

Some actions at the Gathering of the Unmated- An unfaithful mate? A challenge-to the death-for mating rights? A kidnapping?- begin a domino effect and lead Elle directly into the hands of her enemies.

Will the combined secrets cause an irreparable rift, even for True mates? Or can the revelations build an unyielding bond so that they can combine forces against one common enemy? An Alpha who is building an army to bring all shifter wolves under his command and control like that of the Old King who went missing over two thousand years ago.

Adult Content 18+


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***#NerdGirlSara’s  Review***
Shifter Fates – Elle’s Claim by Laila Raimes was a great paranormal erotica read that had an amazing plot to go along with it! It

Cole and Jaxon are wolf shifters and aren’t your typical erotica heroes, they’re fleshed out human beings with thoughts and feelings, their attraction to Elle may have been instananeous but you can’t help but root for them and really feel the chemistry between the three!

Elle was a great female character but she was a little too perfect though. I wish she was as realistic as her heroes were.

This one definitely has a cliffhanger ending so you can’t read it alone. I did wish it was longer so their relationship was fleshed out more.


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