Charlotte Ann’s Coven by Rick H. Veal – Release Day

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Today is the release of the latest in The Master of Whitehall series by Rick H. Veal, Charlotte Ann’s Coven.


In the long awaited prequel to the award winning Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall, Charlotte Ann Erickson, an enchanting but deadly immortal, and the acknowledged matriarch of the Charleston coven, has decided after much soul searching that at long last she must tell her story. A decision reached primarily because the natural and supernatural worlds are coming in contact with each other more than ever before in the past. Her main consideration is that she feels it is long overdue for humans to hear some hard truths about the reality of the immortal world … especially after the veritable flood of books and movies in recent years.

Her story, having been a closely guarded secret in the past, begins before the first English settlers came to America. It’s a story that spans across four centuries, shrouded in the fog of myths and imaginations. She was the last of six children born into a prominent shipping family in seventeenth century London, England … and the forerunner of a well-known immortal coven in twenty-first century Charleston, South Carolina.

Charlotte Ann bares her soul, giving insights into the life of a vampire unlike any today. She was made in the days when life was cheap and immortals were hunters and killers. Look through her eyes as she relates her story, dispelling modern misconceptions of immortals. Step into her shoes and recognize humans as she does … easy prey, weak and pathetic … creatures of no real importance outside of sustenance. Listen as she tells of her evolution over the centuries into a modern predator … and when her story is told, watch, as once again, she quietly fades away, back into the mists of folklore and fantasy.

My Review

this latest installment of The Master of Whitehall series, we hear the
story of Charlotte Ann. I was excited to read this, as I had always
found her intriguing and was curious about her story.

Ann’s story takes you across centuries and continents. Hers is a story
of love, loss and family. Rich in detail and flowing beautifully, we
follow Charlotte through the grief of losing her father and finding a
new immortal life with her love and maker, Ferdinand. Follow Charlotte
Ann across the ages and learn where she came from and how she became the
immortal she is today.

Even if you haven’t read the other books
in this series, Charlotte Ann’s story will not disappoint you. It can be
read as a stand alone.

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Other Books in the Series

Book 1: The Master of Whitehall


After the brutal murder
of her parents, Katelyn Corbin, a thoroughly modern twenty-one year old
college senior, faces the prospect of restarting her life. After
arriving in Charleston, Katelyn meets James Dubois and soon falls madly
in love with him. He is a handsome young widower and wealthy patron of
her school with an old world aristocratic bearing. She is deeply
intrigued by this mysterious man who lives alone in the beautifully
restored colonial plantation of Whitehall Manor.

But James is
not the man she thinks he is. Dark secrets begin to come to the surface.
Katelyn soon begins to develop a series of unsettling questions about
her new love. She begins searching her own soul for answers, forcing her
to question whether or not to continue their relationship.

confronts James with her questions and His confirmation validates her
fears that he is indeed the man she fears him to be. His revelations
shock her, forcing her to acknowledge things about herself and her world
that she never thought possible. She discovers that old folklore and
fairy-tales are real in a world where vampires live and love side by
side with humans.

Katelyn realizes she must make a choice. Does
she continue her relationship with James, becoming a vampire herself and
living with him forever, or does she walk away, remain human and live
without him … is she really strong enough to make either choice?

The Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall is a timeless love story set in historic Charleston, South Carolina.

My Review:

you like vampire books that are more along the lines of romance, then
this is the book for you. Katelyn has to rebuild her life as the brutal
murder of her parents during a robbery. This story follows her from her
hometown of Atlanta to Charleston where she meets and is intrigued by
James. Falling for him completely, she senses that there is something
different about him and she comes to the realization that there are
things in this world that are beyond our imagining.

A truly
unique story, very well written. The character development is nicely
done and the story flows so well you won’t want it to end. A very sweet
and caring vampire novel, it was a nice change from the usual genres on
my book list.

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Book 2: Lexi’s Legacy



Lexi’s story is one of
discovery and growth as a shy and sheltered academic young girl faces
the unknowns of an adult world. After receiving her life-long dream of
teaching history in a European college, Lexi begins to settle
comfortably into adulthood. She is happy and content with her life
surrounded by other scholars at the University of Berlin.

she is suddenly and unexpectedly diagnosed with terminal cancer, her
dream crumbles and her life begins to collapse around her … she
shouldn’t be dying at twenty-two … it’s just not right … it’s just not
fair. But amid the clouds of hopeless despair, a light begins to shine
and a new world suddenly opens to her. Lexi discovers an unexpected cure
from an unlikely source and two best friends become eternal friends.

tells her tale of life, the despair of losing one and the joy of
finding another, as she leaves behind her human life and begins her
journey into a new immortal life. She recounts the changes that take
place as she enters a supernatural world she never knew existed. Lexi
discovers there’s much to learn about her new world as she joins Katelyn
and James at Whitehall Plantation.

Travel with Lexi as she
takes you on an adventure of life changing proportions; watch as she
grows and matures into the life of a fledgling vampire. Listen as she
tells you about how her life changes … about love … found … lost … and
found again.

Lexi’s Legacy is set in the historic cities of Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia.

My Review:

In the second installment of the Master of Whitehall saga, we learn more about Lexi. Lexi discovers some devastating news about herself and must decide whether or not to take the gift of immortality that Katelyn is offering her. Given only to those whom are loved the most, it is not a gift given lightly.

This was a great follow up to Katelyn’s story. I enjoyed learning more about Lexi & also meeting more immortals from James’s world. Humor, romance, the thrill of the hunt-it’s all in here. I am really looking forward to Mr. Veal’s next installment. 

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Book 3: Dale’s Descent


Dale’s Descent begins
in a small mining town in western Pennsylvania where his mortal life
begins and ends. He relates his story in a soulful manner, full of hurt
and disappointment as he watches all of his dreams and aspirations
suddenly fade away. Dale recounts his story of a young teenager,
illegally attacked, turned and kidnapped by a rouge vampire on his
sixteenth birthday.

Dale’s journey into darkness begins as he is
forced into the life of a creature of the night … compelled to hunt and
kill innocent people in order to survive. His tale is one of abuse in
the supernatural world. His journey spans decades of personal struggle
in his search to find answers to why he was attacked and taken. Finally,
left all alone he wanders in a seemingly empty world, a lost boy –
unknown and uncared for – searching for a way of escape.

Descent is brought to an end with his discovery by the Charleston Coven.
He is stunned by the revelation of an immortal life that was his all
along when he is brought to Whitehall. He begins to grow and mature with
his new found family. He finds happiness and his life changes with the
discovery of a teacher, a lover, and ultimately an eternal mate in this
story of a boy that was lost and found again.

Dale’s Descent is set in historic Charleston, South Carolina with some portions taking place in New York City.

My Review:

Growing up in a small mini town in Pennsylvania with his parents and two sisters, Dale has his life all mapped out. He has met the love of his life, Becky, and plans to marry and start a family with her.

Until all his plans are ruined the night of his sixteenth birthday when a vampire named Charles takes his life and turns him into a vampire as well. Charles refuses to answer any questions Dale has about their kind and after years together, Charles destroys himself in a fire.

Feeling hopeless, Dale moves from place to place looking for others of his kind to destroy him or to finally destroy himself. Enter Charlotte Ann, James and Katelyn, who take Dale under their wing and show him that he can have a normal life even if he is somewhat different. That he is not a monster.

Another awesome installment in the Master of Whitehall series! Beautifully written and told in an old fashioned kind of way, Mr. Veal’s characters are as always, chivalrous and kind but deadly as well. This is one of my favorite vampire series. It is well written and flows nicely. I really love how all the characters tie in with each other. Well done!

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