Chasing Dust Clouds by Lilliana Rose (Review by Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal)

Chasing Dust Clouds

Title: Chasing Dust Clouds

Author: Lilliana Rose 

Published Date: July 20th 2015

Genre: Rural Romance


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Sent to the country to visit rural clients accountant Blaise Johns doesn’t know what to do when he meets a mob of sheep on the road. He accidently runs over one of Dusty Miller’s ewes and his cool crisp competitive demeanour is dented as he tries to figure out how to make amends with a woman who is intent on busting his balls. Then there’s the competition, Aaron, who isn’t going to be pushed aside. As the out-of-towner will Blaise step up to country life for Dusty?

Dusty is furious at Blaise, but the man won’t go away and leave her to run her farm. A sassy self-sufficient young woman, Dusty struggles to let Blaise who is clueless about the life she lives, in to her heart.

When two worlds, country and city come together, an explosion of differences rocks the foundation of two peoples lives, forcing them to face the future in unplanned ways, and to give each other another chance.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal’s  Review***
I saw an Australian Rural Romance up to be reviewed, and since I have lived there and also worked on sheep farms I was keen to head into a book that would also take me down memory lane.

When Blaise (ooh I know Swoonworthy name) gets lost on a trip into the rural Victorian landscape which is usually poorly signposted and can look the same for miles and miles (or rather in Australia, Kilometres!) accountant Blaise is busy trying to find what road he should take when suddenly hes about to drive into a mob of sheep on the road. This scene was well written and accurate as I have been in similar situations, and when he runs over one the owner of the sheep, Dusty is righteously irate.

Their opposite personalities are a match for fireworks and Blaise finds his cool calm city attitude is taken as arrogance, Dusty is fuming, farmers are having it tough in the current climate, and with wool prices being low, Dusty can’t afford to loose a pregnant ewe! She soon cuts his weak apologies down with her firey temper and honest comments about his lack of care on a rural road.

Blaise knows the truth when he hears it and while searching for the farm he was supposed to be going to decides he needs to make it up to the sassy but beautiful Dusty.

The side characters ensure that a full picture of a small rural town is given to the reader, and I loved the B&B couple, and unfortunately Dusty’s Ex has quite a believable character but he is soon put in his place, Dusty doesn’t need someone to rescue her, but she still appreciates having a man to back her up in a fight.

Lilliana Rose has got the right mix of laughter, drama and romance in a story that will have you heading off into the rural landscape of Australia for a HEA – even if there are a few pot holes on the way.


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