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Naughty Reunions
Return to Romance
by Alexa Silver, Berengaria Brown, Charlotte
Boyett-Compo, Francesca Hawley, Katherine Kingston, Marianne Stephens, Nicole
Austin, Regina Kammer, Suz deMello
Genres: Action / Adventure, Boxed Set, Contemporary,
Dark, Erotic, Fantasy,Fiction, Humor, M/M, New Adult, Paranormal, Regency,
Including BBW,
Contemporary, F/F, M/M, New Adult, Paranormal, Regency, Shape-shifter &
Speculative Fiction from Amazon bestselling authors!
Silent Sky ~
Regina Kammer
 I watched in horror as the twin towers
collapsed, trying to remember if I’d told Scott I loved him before he left for
New York.
Heartsong ~ Terry
Homeward Bound ~
Alexa Silver
 Bry intends to come out with a splash. How
will the public handle their favorite movie actor coming out of the closet. And
how will the stresses impact Bry’s relationship with Kell?
Lady Esther’s
Lesbian Lover ~ Berengaria Brown
 Lady Esther’s London season failed to find her
a husband. She’d rather find a woman to love. But that’s impossible in Regency
England. Or is it?
Renovating the
Relationship ~ Katherine Kingston
 Dani and Brad’s relationship ended years ago
when he couldn’t give her what she needed. This time Brad thinks he’s found a
way to provide it, but Dani might not agree when she realizes what he plans.
The WyndMaster’s
Homecoming ~ Charlotte Boyett-Compo
 Maj. Marisol Diaz journeyed to hell to bring
home her wayward lover. Keeping him alive was going to be harder than she
Back in Your Arms
~ Marianne Stephens
 Liz blames Brian’s family for the loss of her
family’s Inn. Seeking revenge, she conrtacts Brian to restore it. Will
rekindled love spark between them?
My Cups Runneth
Over ~ Francesca Hawley
 Five years ago, Brook’s tarot reading and
dream premonition predicted his lover’s death so he left to protect her. On the
morning of his cousin’s wedding, Delia and Brook meet again. Will their reunion
bring love or danger?
Ocean Dreams ~ Suz
 Marine biologist Jill has never forgotten
Blue, the baby dolphin with whom she bonded. Reunited with him years later, she
discovers he’s a shapeshifter in the sexiest possible way.
Hybrid Mates 5:
Take Me Home ~ Nicole Austin


 Going home isn’t easy, but my new stepbrother
has me aching for the kind of love my sister’s have found. Can I really have it


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