Deamhan (Deamhan Chronicles #1) by Isaiyan Morrison (Review by Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch)


Title: Deamhan (Deamhan Chronicles #1) 

Author: Isaiyan Morrison 

Published Date: August 12th 2013

Genre: Paranormal


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Deamhan have survived by remaining hidden in the shadows. Ramanga, Lamia, Metusba, and Lugat have been overshadowed by what humans know as the modern vampire. But what if vampires aren’t the real threat?

One woman’s search for her mother who disappeared without a trace on the streets of Minneapolis takes her into the precarious world of Deamhan, psychic vampires who rule the underground nightlife in the city’s most darkest corners.

She gains the trust of the only other human familiar with the Deamhan lifestyle. With his help she finds not only can the Deamhan not be trusted but it s her own father, president of a ruthless organization of researchers, who has diabolically maintained that distrust.

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***Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch’s  Review***
Amazing Book! Isaiyan Morrison is a wonderful and imaginative author and this book was so full of creativity and I loved how it wasn’t your typical vampire story. Victoria is an amazing character and I really liked her, she never gave up in her pursuit of finding her mother and she was so caring yet dogged when it came to what needed to be done.

The book was full of action, adventure and intrigue I had a hard time putting the book down as I was on the edge of my seat for most of it. I loved the challenges and struggles faced and all the different vampire species in the book.

This was a incredible story and I can’t wait to read more! don’t miss out on your chance to read this incredible book!


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