The Ascension of Laney (Ascent Series, #1) by Kris Hack (Review by Jaime – #NerdGirlJay)

Ascencion of Laney

Title: The Ascension of Laney (Ascent Series, #1)

Author: Kris Hack 

Published Date: August 21st 2015

Genre: Paranormal


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I loved him at fifteen. I thought we’d stand the test of time. He was my forever but maybe I fell too fast or loved him too much. Maybe I came on too strong or maybe I did something wrong. He still left. Turned his back on me without a word. I never thought I’d see him again and to be honest, I didn’t want to. I began to hate him even though he would never know it. But then, I did see him again and with him came the secrets that would forever change all of our lives.

She was only a recurring dream in my foggy unconscious. A voice. A face. We weren’t supposed to dream. We weren’t supposed to remember. They said it was impossible and the before would never come into the now. None of the others remember, at least not that I know of. What I do know is that she was my everything, my every waking breath. Now that I’ve found her I will not be losing her a second time. She will be mine again, no matter what the cost.

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***Jaime – #NerdGirlJay’s  Review***
Laney and Kass meet as teenagers. They fall in love but one day Kass disappears. Laney is shattered. But life goes on. Laney goes off to college and it’s there that she runs into Kass again. Laney wantes answers. Why did he leave? Why didn’t he ever come looking for her? What happpened to his parents? Kass doesn’t have the answers Lanet is seeking. He has ascended. His memories are spotty. He has no idea where his parents are. All he knows is that he has to win Laney back, even if she is just an assignment.

The Ascension of Laney is about good and evil. Laney is an Ascent but she has no idea. Kass is there to train her once she comes into her powers.But in order to do that an innocent has to die by her hands. The Ascent are a lower form of angels. They get their assignments and orders from the Archangels. One rule is that you cannot be with a human. Otherwise, you fall. You lose your wings. The Archs aren’t the only angels waiting for Laney to come into her powers. The Fallen are too. Laney is a powerful Ascent, only she doesn’t know it. Yet.

This was a really good book. Kass and Owen make a funny team. Laney is an enjoyable lead character. She isn’t the typical whimpering female lead. She is a take charge kind of gal. The story flows really well. There is no lag at all. A great mix of paranormal, adventure, fantasy, action and romance. Definitely a must read. I am really looking forward to the next part of Laney’s story.


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