Skyshaker by Dean F. Wilson (Review by Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed)


Title: Skyshaker

Author: Dean F. Wilson 

Published Date: August 30th 2015

Genre: Steampunk


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The Resistance takes to the clouds aboard the Skyshaker, the newly-completed airship aimed at dominating the heavens, when the land far below has become a hellish place ruled by demons.

General Rommond fixes his attention on the city of Blackout, the old capital of the world, controlled by the Treasury, who are themselves controlled by the ruthless Regime. The skies above that city will no longer hide in smog; fire and fury will light up the sky. That centre of the old civilised world will either shift allegiance to the Resistance, or it will burn to the ground.

Yet there are always others who will resist the attempted change of power. From sky pirates and mob bankers to the feared mechanical men of the Iron Guard, Jacob and his new family of freedom fighters will face greater challenges than they have ever faced before. As bombs drop from the sky like the iron tears of gods, there are other revelations that will shake the foundations of everyone struggling to save humanity.

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***Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed’s  Review***

After everything the Resistance has been through and mounting losses of safe havens and equipment, losing the Lifemaker brings them closer to the end. Rommond has one more trick up his sleeve, the Skyshaker. Knowing the Resistance may be on its last legs, they finally go on the offensive with a bold plan to liberate Blackout.  This story has all the action of the previous books in the series but it also gets a little more personal with the characters. Jacob is definitely growing into a role of more responsibility, not only preparing to become a father but within the Resistance itself. I love all the conflicted feelings I get to experience from his point of view. He is a solid character that has his good and bad points much like many people. This time around I got to see a whole new side of Rommond. I was not very appreciative of why he was the way he was previously but the story of him and his lost love, Brooklynn, was just heartbreaking and emotional.  This book had so much more of the personal stories. It really gave me the feels. I am an avid fan of books that have “a moral to the story” and the Skyshaker really starts to form the moral of this series. In my opinion, Dean F. Wilson has created a world and story as amazing and inspiring as the Chronicles of Narnia.

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