Relapse In Paradise (Long Shot Romance #2) by Roxanne Smith (ARC Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)


Title: Relapse In Paradise (Long Shot Romance #2) 

Author: Roxanne Smith 

Published Date: Expected November 15th 2015

Genre: Romance


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She likes Hawaii, but she just might love Boston…

Still stinging from her recent divorce, Emily Buzzly heads to majestic Hawaii to soothe her wounds. But once she arrives on Oahu, Emily discovers that a man she assumes is a beach bum is in fact her personal tour guide, hired by her sister. With his long hair and tattoos, Boston Rondibett is everything Emily detests—despite his sun-kissed surfer body. And with her straight-laced, executive persona, Emily is everything Boston rebels against. But both have a lot to learn about making snap judgments…

As it turns out, Boston’s real job, the one he truly cares about, is running his soup kitchen and homeless shelter. Embarrassed by her assumptions, rather than lazy beach days, Emily soon finds herself feeding the hungry, and even involved in the search for an AWOL soldier. And to Boston’s surprise, she’s loving every minute of it—and he’s loving seeing her loosen her chignon and be the admirable, beautiful woman she is. As each works through the challenges of the past, these two very different people just might find their hearts are on the very same page…


***Review notes discussion of Alcoholism***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlsoldier’s  Review***
have found another book to add to my Favorites and Re-Read lists. I loved this book so much and it’s characters. You do need to read the first book, Men Like This, in order to understand some of the issues that Emily and her sister Quinn talk about. Trust me, that book is a winner too. Check out the review here:

This book is set in Hawaii and having lived on the gorgeous island of Oahu, the imagery and details made me feel like I was back on the beaches at Alo Moana and North Shore. Hani was a delightful character; I could just hear the Pigeon in his voice and loved how he always called Boston a haole. I have missed being called “that haole girl”. Hani is not the main male character, but he’s incredibly important and I think that Ms. Smith did a fantastic job of showing just how much he not only helped Boston but also needed Boston to help him survive. Boston grew so much in this book. He learns that he doesn’t need to cling to things that helped him become sober; he needs to believe in himself. I love him.

In the first book, I did not like Emily. She caused a lot of trouble for her sister and then her own life took a nasty turn. This trip to Hawaii was something she thought would be smooth sailing…until she meets Boston. Emily no longer has her five star hotel or spa, but is thrown into a world where she’s face to face with homelessness, the poor and addicts of all kind…and she’s thrown into the soup kitchen. Emily grows more than Boston does I think. Her preconceived notions about Boston, his life and the soup kitchen help her to reevaluate her life.

I loved the story. All the details lined up and flowed nicely. Loose ends are tied up before the end of the story. You get a wonderful view of my second home and the people there. You also get a look at one of the very real problems that Hawaii has and how expensive it is to even try to fix. Please go preorder this book today and get lost in paradise.


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