Cat Moon (Were Children Series Book 1) by Jennifer L. Gadd (Review by Cassandra – #NerdGirlLola)

Cat Moon

Title: Cat Moon (Were Children Series Book 1) 

Author: Jennifer L. Gadd 

Published Date: July 23rd 2015

Genre: YA Paranomal


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Emma has big problems. She has no family and no home. She wanders the streets of The Warren, scavenging for her next meal and trying to keep warm. Haunted by the memory of a mother she barely recalls, Emma dreams of being a part of a real family. She is helped in her search for belonging by an assortment of eccentric characters: a friendly shopkeeper and his cranky uncle, the nice woman who runs the local mission, a ditzy cat lady, and a good-natured prostitute with a drinking problem.

Her biggest obstacle, however, is that every full moon, she turns into a feral cat! Emma is one of the Were. She and those like her are ruthlessly hunted by the captain of the Were-Guard, whose religious zealotry makes him especially dangerous. When the sinister Bram Fitzwilliam enters the picture to assist the Guard, Emma is in more danger than ever. Before she finds what she’s looking for, Emma must find a strength and courage she never knew she had. Her journey will teach her that dreams don’t always come true the way you want them to, that people aren’t always what they seem, and that real families can be chosen.

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***Cassandra – #NerdGirlLola’s  Review***
I am so glad I chose this book to review. I tend to stick to books with more adult themes, but every so often I’ll pick up a YA book. This book is amazing and the feels ohhh the feels. My heart hurt so many times in this book. All I kept thinking was “Poor Emma”.

The character development was astounding. Each one was fleshed out with enough background information to allow the reader to connect with them, without getting bogged down. And to me the supporting characters were just as important as the main.

The writing is excellent and I found myself getting lost in the story. The author just has this way of grabbing the reader’s attention and keeping it till the very end.

Overall I think this is a fantastic story and a great start to a new series. I would most definitely recommend this book to everyone.


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