Solace (Solace Ranch Novella Book 1) by Angela Smith (ARC Review by Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal)


Title: Solace (Solace Ranch Novella Book 1)

Author: Angela Smith

Published Date: Expected October 27th 2015

Genre: 20th Century Fiction Vietnam era


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In the summer of 1969, when the first man has landed on the moon and the world is wrought with war, a small town in Texas finds their hope in an engagement between a bookstore owner and her loan officer, two individuals who aren’t right for each other; especially because one is already married.

Chapman Springs, Texas, brims with possibilities, but many of its citizens struggle to adapt when confronted with progressive social ideas and the changes wrought by the Vietnam War. Brooklyn Williams is at the forefront of change, owning and running a successful bookstore, but the town only tolerates her position because of her purported engagement to her loan officer. When her estranged husband returns from the war, and the town begins to turn on her, she must fight to save her livelihood and her friends, and decide if her love for Leath can bring trust and peace back into her life.

Leath Williams lost more than his arm in Vietnam. He lost Brooklyn’s heart. When he returns home, he opens Solace Ranch as a haven for other war-torn soldiers, and struggles to resolve his own inner demons in the process. He hopes to reunite with Brooklyn, but someone wants to put him out of the picture for good. Can Brooklyn and Leath overcome their fears, defeat the enemy without losing the fight, and save their love?


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal’s  Review***
 This is the first book I have read that was set in the 1960’s – Vietnam War period, and that’s what interested me in the book, Its got a lot to stand up to, as this is one era that the US either loves or hates. (actually thats probably the wrong term – but heck you get what I mean)

The plot centers around our main character Brooklyn who has bucked the trend and opened her own business, AND employed someone (now how to put this without offending!) a person of color, the town only tolerates Brooklyn’s scandalous behavior because of her supposed engagement to her loan officer Roy.  – now that proposal scene was one that was well done.  I could have been in the room, the writing was very descriptive and boy Brooklyn was certainly put in an awkward position

When Brooklyn’s estranged husband Leath turns up in town well things start to get heated, Brooklyn was shocked to find he’d been back for nearly a year, hurt and confused by her feelings for him, she begins to regret not speaking out when the town assumed the engagement to Roy was on, and then Roy starts to show his true colors, and the town begins to turn on Brooklyn and the shop, things really start to spiral out of hand.

Roy has hidden his true feelings about Brooklyn’s independence but thinks he can put her in her place when he has a ring on her finger.

Roy and his Buddies are not happy with Leath and his plans for a Retreat for Vets who need somewhere to recover from the atrocities they faced in Nam. And I really felt the injustice that these war torn soldiers faced each time they went out in public.

I really enjoyed reading this story, its enjoyable, even when things start to get tough for our characters, because the underlying theme of ‘not giving up’  and for the romance that will not die between Brooklyn and Leath shines through.

I did get a lump in my throat reading some bits but it does have a HEA.  I am interested to see what the next book will be about.

If you are interested in romance stories set in out past histories then add this book to your TBR and #OneClick on the 27th October 2015


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