Ember Skies by Nicky Crawford (Review by Shelly- #NerdGirlXrayer)

Ember Skies

Title: Ember Skies

Author: Nicky Crawford

Published Date: August 7th 2015

Genre: Military romance


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Ember strives to keep up her personae as the perfect military wife, nurse, and mother. She hosts cookouts, attends military events, and keeps an infectious smile on her face whenever she is around others. The secrets she keeps lie between the walls of her home, where her husband, Austin, drinks away his problems and asserts his dominance over Ember, physically.

When Dalton Bates transfers to Austin’s unit, he wants nothing more than to rid Ember of her pain and to be with her. Dalton’s charm, compassion, and the undeniable way he makes Ember feel, sends her into a cloud of confliction.

Dalton relentlessly pursues Ember, desperate to take her pain away and to make her happy, but when tragedy threatens to destroy Ember’s fragile heart even more, she is faced with an endless amount of uncertainty.

Can Ember’s heart survive the overwhelming situations that consistently knock her down or will the pain send her crashing to the ground? All she wants is to feel again, to be whole, loved; but is a happily ever after written in the skies or will the dark clouds destroy her?


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised- Review noted that there was Physical Abuse in the story which may be distressing for some readers***
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***Shelly- #NerdGirlXrayer’s  Review***
I read, no devoured, this book in one day. That is unusual for me because I normally switch back and from between 3-4 books while reading. When I was introduced to Ember and Dalton I was hooked. Ember doesn’t feel that there is an escape from her violent husband. Her best friend is there for support but otherwise no one else knows what she faces. When she first meets Dalton he feels that something is off and can’t get her out of her mind. Here starts a friendship that helps Ember find her way.

This story will solidify how the support of friends and family will help throughout the turmoil of life. As I turned each page and saw the support that Ember and Dalton received througout their turmoils it made me a blubbering mess. They were happy tears and sad tears. Ember has to deal with tragedy after tragedy. Dalton is the rock by her side. When the tables are turned she is their for him.

This was told in dual POV, which I love because it helped you understand Ember and Dalton. Even though I hated Austin, and constantly had some not so nice words to say to him, towards the end of the book was a chapter told from his POV and I just might have shed a tear. All of the characters made such an impression in this book that you will love (or hate in one case) them all. Their trials and tribulations will draw you in and make you feel every emotion you can think of.

Kudos to Ms. Crawford for writing a story that strung me through every emotion I could think of and was one of my top reads of this year.


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