Rebels (The Reverians #2) by Sarah Noffke (ARC Review by Jaime – #NerdGirlJay)


Title: Rebels (The Reverians #2) 

Author: Sarah Noffke

Published Date: Expected September 15th 2015

Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian


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Em returns to Austin Valley, but there are many things that don’t add up about her homecoming. She’s left Rogue behind and is adamant that Dr. Parker must leave the Valley with her. Zack agrees to help her, but soon learns she’s not telling the whole truth when Rogue comes storming back. With the threesome reunited, they work on a plan to stop the Defect crisis. Their plan places all of them at risk, but Em knows they have no other choice. Hundreds of kids are being injected with poison every day and Nona, her sister, is one of them. Em Fuller has one mission and will stop at nothing to achieve it: Bring the government of Austin Valley down.


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***Jaime- #NerdGirlJay’s Review***
In this follow up to Defects, Em returns to Austin Valley hoping to convince Parker to come with her to help with Rogue’s headaches. Zack agrees to help but plans change when Rogue comes looking for her. Em finds out that Rogue has been hiding important details from her. Details that will change how they handle everything.

This was a great sequel to Defects. Em and Rogue are living happily on his farm but his headaches continually grow worse. There is a lot of action and twists that you don’t expect.It’s a pretty fast read and really enjoyable. All of the old characters are there, Nona, Tutu, Em’s father and Rogue’s father as well. You learn a bit more about Nona and see how she has grown since Defects. Of course, Em’s other sister Dee is still the heartless, soulless monster she was in book one. Em, Rogue and Zack learn a lot more about the way Vider is running things, the atrocious things he has done and just what lengths he will go to to get what he wants-absolute control. The ending was quite a surprise and something I really didn’t see coming. I am really looking forward to the next book in this series!


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