Dragon’s Luck: The Dragonbound Chronicles by Bryan Fields (Review by Melanie V””V – #NerdGirlVamp)

Dragons Luck

Title: Dragon’s Luck: The Dragonbound Chronicles 

Author: Bryan Fields 

Published Date:July 20th 2015

Genre: Urban Fantasy


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Elves and Dragons in Vegas. Oh, myyy…
Las Vegas. City of sin, neon, and epic bad decisions. David Fraser and his fiancée, the Dragoness Rose Drake, are in Vegas for the BuzzCon gaming convention, seeking an investor for the online game they are developing. It’s a long shot, but even in Las Vegas, long shots occasionally pay off.

The warrior god Crom has other plans. A centuries-old religious war between the Dark Elves of a distant world threatens to spill over onto Earth. Crom’s followers need an artifact capable of killing the demoness known as the Bloodmaiden before she can become a full-fledged goddess and establish her worship on Earth. It’s a quest worthy of a Hero. A Hero like…David.

To succeed, David will need all the strength, resourcefulness, and luck he can muster. Fortunately, he has Rose to call on, and she has a way of making her own luck. Anyone who tries to stop them will find out what happens when the dice come up Dragons, the hard way.


***May Contain Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Melanie -#NerdGirlVamp’s  Review***
This book is the third in this series and I definitely would recommend reading the prior installments before starting this.

Bryan Fields continues with his great story telling but yet again he just fails to hit that magic “5 star” button for me but don’t let that dissuade you from picking up these books if you are a fantasy, dragon, or even just a geeky fan like me.

If nothing else the numerous “nerd culture” references would be enough to keep me coming back to this series but there is so much more than that. The story is again action packed and the back drop is spectacular.

The characters have grown so much since the first book and I have definitely enjoyed going on the journey with them and I feel like there is more to come.

Overall I would say as with the first 2 books, if like me you are a fan of Epic Fantasy and would feel right at home in the middle of a comic con convention then this would be a good fit for you!.


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