Mate: The Complete Serial (Mate #1-4) by Violet Haze (Review by Shelly – NerdGirlXRayer)

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Title: Mate: The Complete Serial (Mate #1-4) 

Author: Violet Haze 

Published Date: July 28th 2015

Genre:   Contemporary erotic romantic suspense


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Simone Winston spent two months collared and kept as a slave after being kidnapped. Set free by the Master she loved and thought would keep her forever, her whole life falls apart, leaving her a twenty-two year old single mother with no one to rely on. Working a low-wage job to survive, she has no reason to trust anyone ever again, especially the mysterious man who leaves her a generous tip after a brief conversation.

Drawn to him despite her reservations, undeniable passion along with a deep, unexplainable connection has her letting him close, and allows her to discover why the man named Isaac Toft has invited her into his life. When a danger neither of them expects leads Isaac into a tough position, puts Simone on the radar of someone who wouldn’t mind having her as his own, and places the life of a child in the hands of someone unstable, the future of their relationship is thrown directly into the line of fire.

Note: this is considered a ‘box set’ as it contains all four parts of the Mate serial in one; no need to purchase if you’ve bought it separately, unless you wish to, of course. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Shelly – #NerdGirlXrayer’s  Review***
Simone was kept two months as a slave, believing she was kidnapped. Little did she know that when she was released the secret would be out and she would become a single and a mother at a young age. When Isaac takes an interest in her he doesn’t know the secret that he is keeping. When it comes out in the open do they have a chance.

This four part series kept the secrets flowing and the angst coming from each page. Demons from the past arise and they threaten their relationship. It is a not an easy road. Even with all of the drama and angst you can feel the emotion between Simone and Isaac. They know they love each other but is that enough.

The characters are strong and you will feel the emotion of each and every one of the them. Ms. Haze weaves an intricate story of deceit, love, and heartache. She throws in some twists that make you wonder if Simone and Isaac will get their HEA and it will keep you reading and crossing your fingers that they will.


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