Prisoner by Melissa Silvey (ARC Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)


Title: Prisoner 

Author: Melissa Silvey

Published Date: Expected September 1st 2015

Genre: Erotic Romance


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Expected Release Date September 1, 2015!

All I have to do to spend another night with her, is kill…

She’s a bad girl who does whatever she wants. But when tragic circumstances happen in the charmed life of Detective Melanie “Lani” Vaden, she realizes that not everything in the world is about her. She makes a crazy decision, and with the help of her partner and step-father, she carries it out. Little did she know, she’d end up meeting a knight in distress, and she was the only princess who could help him out.

Antony “Tony” Roman was unjustly imprisoned for trumped up charges he did not commit. He had no hope of ever seeing the light of day again. Stuck in solitary confinement, he hadn’t even seen another person in years, his only interaction being with his guard, through the hatch.

What happens when these two are literally thrown together? Selfish, self-centered Lani has finally found someone who needs her. Tony can’t ask the beautiful creature who comes to him, almost like an angel, for help, because he knows there’s no hope for him. He can give her nothing in return, except every piece of himself.

Adult Only 18+ m/f erotic romance (very brief f/f scene)


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSolider’s  Review***

I devoured this book in one day that’s how much I enjoyed it. The story hooked me from the beginning and when I got to the end, I was sad that I’d finished it. I loved the characters. They were incredibly well developed, even the secondary characters who didn’t really have much to do with the main plot. I saw a lot of growth with the two main characters, Roman and Lani. They both seemed to transform into totally different characters by the end of the book and I loved it.

The plot was fabulous. I thought I had things figured out but then wham! My mind would blow. I felt like I was actually in the prison with them and could feel the tension during some of the book. I loved the detail that was put into Roman’s SEAL history; as a military wife I am very grateful the author took the time to make that as realistic as possible.

My only complaint is that when the book did end, there were questions I had that didn’t get answered. What happens to Roman’s conviction? Does he get to see his kids again? I really hope that the author is considering a sequel to this book that addresses these questions.


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  • Kim Quick

    There is absolutely a book 2 coming! I’m the editor, and I’m anxiously awaiting the file so that I can find out what happens too!

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