The Blood Thief of Whitten Hall by Jon Messenger – Review by Melanie, #NerdGirlVamp


Title: The Blood Thief of Whitten Hall

Author: Jon Messenger

Published Date: Aug 25, 2015

Genre: Steampunk


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In a world of science, magic is an abomination, but not the vile creation Royal Inquisitor Simon Whitlock once believed it to be. Accompanied by his apothecary companion, Luthor Strong, and Matilda Hawke, a werewolf, they return to the capital of Callifax, eager to convalesce after their last adventure.

Their peace is short-lived, however, as they are quickly sent on another mission. It seems the iron mines of Whitten Hall have ceased their production, no longer sending its ore to the crown. The Ministry of Trade has sent inquiries, but its representatives have all fled from the train ride to the distal outpost. It seems a vampire stalks the trains in and out of Whitten Hall, a vampire that will reveal the secret of the iron mine and the darkness that resides within.

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***Melanie #NerdGirlVamp Review***
This is the second book in the new Magic & Machinery Novel series by Jon Messenger. With steampunk topping out my reading list at the moment I was excited to see this series moving along and new books popping up.

Book 2 has a new enemy to deal with but continues with the main characters you had in book 1. It probably could stand on it’s own … but personally I feel you would be missing out on a LOT of the amazing backstory if you chose to do that. Oh and book 1 is FREE so really you don’t have anything to lose ;)

The characters and the mystery is great! So far I am yet to guess an ending but I feel that the clues are there I just need to get a better grasp on the rules and the author. Be warned … that is my next task :D

Book 3 is already listing as coming soon so get caught up now!

Another easy 5 stars from me! V””V

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