The Mating Moon (The Moon #1) by Buffy Christopher (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)

The Mating Moon

Title: The Mating Moon (The Moon #1)

Author: Buffy Christopher

Published Date: April 15th 2008

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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Ivy knows that as a female Were-tiger, finding a mate is supposed to be her top priority. But life is busy conspiring to get in the way.  Traumatized by a recent attack by a man from her past, her darkest secret is coming back to haunt her, and she fears he won’t stop until she’s dead.  As if that weren’t enough, Ivy has other problems. She and her tiger side aren’t exactly friends and her brother is trying to set her up on a blind date for the full moon.  How can she control her tiger during the full moon when she’s more concerned about being killed?


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
I love me some shifters! So when I saw that Buffy Christopher ‘ s book was about Were-tigers, I jumped at the chance to review! Imagine my instant delight when I found there were more shifters and a center for them to develop and grow within an urban community. Meet Ivy, she is haunted by a man of her past who is not only trying to get her back but is trying to make her his possession. Only Ivy can not control her beast and only her twin brother Ian knows the truth!! Ian believes that a mate can help calm her beast and with the Mating Moon so close he sets her up with the community centers manager, Edge!! Things get serious before the date and it all goes to well s&*t!!!! Buffy packs action and pure hotness in a nice little package! I loved her characters and enjoyed the way she plotted each scene. I immediately got Ian’s followup so be on the look out for that review soon!! Buffy I give you 5 Stars and a tip of my #NerdGirl hat!!


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