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Book Synopsis


(The To Fall Trilogy Volume One)

God gave His angels the choice to fall, and for one heartbeat, Xander wished He hadn’t.

Angels don’t freak out. Ever. So when Xander Wright experiences his first freak out moment, he keeps it a secret…for twenty years. Forced by his siblings to finally pitch in and help with their assignment, Xander comes face to face with Abby Miller’s beautiful brown eyes again. Seeing her now as a young woman, Xander knows with all of his being that his heart and soul belong to Abby. They always have.

With demons clamoring to kill God’s Ordained Soul, Xander struggles to keep Abby’s identity a secret from Lucifer’s spawn and Abby, as well. Nothing could have prepared Xander for falling in love with a human, but as Guardian of the First Choir of angels, he will fight the forces of Heaven, Hell, and Abby’s weak heart to keep her alive. A life without Abby would be his own Hell, but to be with her, Xander must give up all he is and break his Vow to God. His one desire and his one fear are the same.

To fall for Abby.

The To Fall Trilogy is a New Adult Paranormal Romance, containing mature topics and sexual situations.

Suitable for ages 18 and up.


To Fall ~ To Hold ~ To Love

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SHE DIDN’T SPEAK and silently, I cursed myself for saying it too soon. I couldn’t breathe, believing I had misjudged her, made a horrible mistake. Disappointment crashed over me as I looked into her eyes. I searched her face for anything to tell me I was wrong. There was nothing.

My world stopped and my chest hollowed. Those six words had just ended me. I should apologize. What a ridiculous notion it was to say that you were sorry for loving someone, for speaking those words, but I was desperate to hold onto her.

Closing my eyes, I opened my mouth to speak, but the words had lodged in my throat. My mind swirled with the ramifications of what this meant and I was left in a clouded abyss of despair.

Lips slammed onto mine, shocking the hell out of me. Abby gripped fistfuls of my hair and leaned her entire body into mine. Against my chest, her heart hammered and I focused my gift to slow down the rapid rhythm as I did every time I kissed her. She may not have said the words back to me, but her kiss was full of desire. I clung to a ray of hope that I wouldn’t be lost. That she could save me.

Responding to her the only way I knew how, I threw myself around her. Silky tendrils of her ponytail brushed against my arms. Long, sexy legs cinched my hips, skin soft as satin cooled against mine. The way Abby moved her tongue was a sweet seduction, teasing me, and I imagined all the things her tongue could do.

I had been fighting it all damn day from the moment the word “bikini” left those pouty lips and had lost the battle more than once, but with her straddling me, I was done. The desperate voice in my head had been silenced and my body took over. My hips rose to meet hers in a gentle rocking motion, currents of pleasure waved through me, throbbing at our point of contact.

Never in my existence did I believe a human could be my undoing, until now. I would crumble and succumb to her, let her disarm me if only to have a glimpse of her heart, a piece of her. I wanted all of her, but if this was all she could give me, I would hold that gift with precious care and cherish it for eternity.

Without commanding them to, my hands cupped her supple, firm breasts. My lips drifted down the column of her throat, chest, along the arc of her swells, then over the pebbled fabric of her bikini. With a silent plea for more, she arched into my mouth.

My hands gripped her backside, thrusting up again, sliding my arousal against her core. A noise escaped her, a quiet moan driving me to hear more, to undo her as she had me, to hear my name on her lips. The world halted and faded by untamed passion burning between us.

Thoughts entered to rip away what little barrier lay between our bodies, to feel her against me, and bury myself inside her warmth and stay there, linked with her. Our bodies as one. How very foolish I was a moment ago to believe a piece of her would ever be enough. It would never be enough. I wanted to be worthy of all of her.

Mind. Heart. Soul.


Author Biography


Donna AnnMarie Smith’s New Adult Paranormal Romance, The To Fall Trilogy, debuted in 2015. It was her love of the desert and experience as a wife of a United States Marine that inspired her to write the series.

Donna and her husband, Chris, live with their three daughters near the White Tank Mountains in Arizona. When she’s not writing, Donna listens to SiriusXM’s The Highway, the little television she does watch is either food or zombie related…sometimes both, she’s known to rock jeans year round (even in the summer), loves her Chucks, and detests the question, “What’s for dinner?”

Currently, Donna is working on her next project, The Cove Series, a New Adult Contemporary Romance, and has plans to return to her Paranormal roots.


Author QandA

Where are you from? Does the area you live in influence your writing?

A resounding: YES! I was raised and currently live in Phoenix, AZ, which was one of the many inspirations for The To Fall Trilogy. I find great beauty in the desert; well, not the 120-degree heat and the scorching sun flares that can liquefy leather car seats, but the simplicity of the landscape. What can seem so barren is really a complex and wondrous atmosphere from the mountains, cacti, and creatures that inhabit it.

During the first five years of my marriage, my husband and I lived in Oceanside, CA, in which we traveled the coast quite a bit and I fell in love with the Monterey area. My time there inspired The Cove Series, because, come on. Who doesn’t like the beach? Well, maybe a thalassophobic. (Yes, I had to Google that.)

Tell us your latest news?

I’m hoping to release my NA Contemporary Romance from The Cove Series, The Silent Cries of a Magpie: Part One, by October 2015. And if all goes as planned, which it never does, Part Two will be released in January 2016.

The Cove Series packs in all the feels I’m known for, and though it’s not Paranormal, I believe this series is grittier, snarkier, and smexier than The To Fall Trilogy. The Cove Series will be made up of standalone titles, each story focused on one couple (dual, first-person POVs), and the characters within the series will be interconnected. Currently, I have eight stories (couples) lined up. The Cove Series will focus on “broken” people, big topics, and healing through love. In The Silent Cries of a Magpie: Part One and Part Two, I deal with the themes of: gay rights, bullying, domestic abuse, alcoholism, and grief.

The emotions will be raw, souls will be broken, but there will always be a happy ever after.

The Silent Cries of a Magpie: Part One

The Cove Series

Her only option is to escape…

The plan was perfect. Maggie Davis was getting out of her nowhere beach town and leaving for a bright future hundreds of miles away. The college scholarship was set, the job was secure, the apartment paid for, and there might be a futon involved. She was even bringing her dog along for the ride. That’s the thing about plans, though. One freak storm can ruin everything. Now stuck in a life that she was praying to escape from, Maggie will have to figure another way out.

There’s nothing for him but to hide…

Hiding from a memory is damn near impossible, but Mason Scott is desperate to forget. Though he knows how to dull the pain, lose himself, he’ll never be free of the one night that will haunt him forever. And fate rears its cruel head when Maggie is thrust into every aspect of Mason’s life, a reminder of the piece of his heart that was ripped away from him four years ago.

All they can do is be silent…

Secrets are best left unspoken. That’s something Mason and Maggie know too well, but just as Mason is ready to take down his walls for her, the unthinkable happens. Now Maggie will have to decide if their relationship is worth fighting for, or if she should stick to the plan.

And run.

The Silent Cries of a Magpie is a New Adult Contemporary Romance, containing mature topics and sexual situations. Suitable for ages 18 and up.

When and why did you begin writing? What inspired you to write your first book?

I always knew I wanted to be an author. I came out of the womb with a pencil and notepad. Learned to type when I was three. Wrote the Great American Novel at seven—*Screeching record sound*

Spoiler alert: That is not my story. I am not one of those authors.

The only truth to that little ditty above is that I’d always loved to write. It could be a dissertation on the mating habits of squirrels and I would have been happy. I love the creative flow of writing, the building of words. How they can move a person, no matter the outcome of the movement. Being drawn into a world designed by another. Along with that, my imagination had always been like a built-in app constantly running in the background, forcing me to see characters, hear their conversations, play their story…not in a get-this-chick-some-psych-meds kind of way. At least, I hope not.

So nearly three years ago, during an innocent conversation with my husband where we discussed the I-don’t-know-what-the-hell-to-dos with my life, he told me I should write a book. My response was an eloquent: “Shut up.” Four days. It took me four days of intense introspection to really hear him and, damn the man, he has a way of getting inside my head, a way of seeing me like no one else can, myself included.

With the first strike of the keys on my old Dell laptop, I’d bonded those two halves of my soul that I’d always kept apart. The writer and the storyteller. I knew in my very being that I was no longer lost. I finally had an answer. I knew what the hell to do. I am an author.

As for the inspiration for The To Fall Trilogy, this is where the hubby gets his pat on the back yet again. He was a Marine. I was the wife of a Marine. He went to war. It sucked. It was hard. Honestly, the entire time he was in the Corps was difficult. And that he came home to me and his family is nothing short of a miracle. I’m thankful for him every day and if it hadn’t been for all the challenges we faced, our marriage and our family wouldn’t be as strong as it is.

When the idea of To Fall came to me, I wanted to explore that relationship: A soldier, serving, battling, living a life designed for him without any want or need of his own, until he falls in love with someone who is so far removed from everything he is. Meet Guardian Alexander and human Abigail Miller.

The journey to their HEA isn’t easy and they face many challenges just like any couple in their situation would. They are tested, separated, and forced to fight for the other. Throughout the story, Xander and Abby’s love grows, matures, never failing each other.

They truly see themselves as one soul, but destiny has other plans for them.


What book(s) / author(s) have influenced your life and writing?

Great question. A loaded one. Buckle up.

As a girl (don’t judge) I read VC Andrews and Danielle Steel. I said don’t judge! Yeah, there may have been a squeaky-clean Baby Sitter’s Club novel in there, too, but those are the two authors who stuck with me. One has her attic a little twisted, and the other a hopeless romantic. So I can say with certainty, those two authors influenced my stories.

As to whom influenced my writing is a different and complex answer.

My first draft of The To Fall Trilogy was YA Paranormal Romance. The juicy parts had faded to black, anything past kissing went off-screen, and the rating was PG-13. Problem is my brain isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. It’s actually a bit scary in there and watch out for deep puddles of what can best be described as tar.

Also, the first half of To Fall was all from Abby’s POV. I wasn’t happy with the POV or genre decisions I’d made. I felt like I was trying to fit inside a box that was never meant for me. And, perhaps, I wrote this way because I was deep in YA authors like Lauren Oliver, Becca Fitzpatrick, and Lauren Kate, at the time.

It wasn’t until I discovered Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster did I have my aha moment. NEW ADULT. It fit not only my story, my characters, but my voice perfectly. I wanted to get a little dirty. I wanted the screen to stay on the juicy parts, get graphic, slap on an R rating, maybe a touch of NC-17. Okay, maybe more than a touch. My characters were transitioning to adulthood, falling in love for the first time, and that period of shedding youth is what New Adult is all about.

One problem down. Now the POV issue. I liked the idea of hearing from the villain. I’m certainly not the only/first author to offer this POV, but the works I was reading at the time were all those from one POV: the heroine. After deciding I wanted to give Cresil a little ME-time, I thought: What if I added the hero’s POV, too, let the paranormal character shine a bit. Perfect. I did all three.

Multiple, first-person POVs. New Adult Romance. That’s my writing niche.

And though I’m all happy and snug there in my custom made box, that doesn’t mean there aren’t add-ons or renovations. That’s the beauty of this craft. It’s ever evolving.

Tell us about your characters and how they came to be? Have they been in your head for a long time?

Abby. Oh, Abigail Miller. My heroine from To Fall didn’t have a name for years, but, yes, she was with me. Remember that little spiel above about my imagination? Well, that was her. Living, breathing, taking up res in my head. I knew what she looked like and that she had limitations, unable to lead a full life, but beyond that? Nada. So after my husband tells me what to do with my life (literally), I really got to thinking about her. And not long after she began to take form, I found Xander, Cresil, and The To Fall Gang.

What motivates you to write?

My love of the art. Simple as that. Even when I’m working on the hardest parts of writing, I never look at it as work. If I’m plotting, creating timelines (which suck), dialog, world building, book covers, formatting, social media…I’m in love. I’m blind. What can I say?


What is the hardest part of writing?

Imagine you’re on the outside of the UFC Octagon watching two heavy hitters going at each other wearing compression shorts, gloves, mouth guards, and maybe blood is leaking out of some swollen cut on one or both of their faces. The hardest part of writing would be an epic battle to the TKO between Revision and Editing. Revision’s an excellent striker, but Editing’s a master at grappling.

Ding. Ding.

For me, I think both are so difficult because, as an author, I’m too close to the project. Forest from the trees kind of a thing. This is where a team comes into play. Your coach. Your trainer. The dude that stitches up your leaking face. If you don’t have these guys in your corner, then, yeah, it’s hella hard.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

Oh, did I! During The To Fall Trilogy, I learned not to listen to too much advice. Much like a new mommy reads every pregnancy and baby book ever written, only to become more disillusioned and confused than ever before, I did just that. I burdened myself with so much that I lost my voice—writing voice. I tried to make my story appealing to everyone and that…is an impossible task.

Don’t do this.

I wrote The Cove Series: The Silent Cries of a Magpie in-between editing The To Fall Trilogy, and it was just my laptop and me, and that was who I wrote it for: ME. My characters said what they wanted, did what they pleased. The world built itself. I let Mason and Maggie take the reins; they told their story. My writing has always been organic in this way, but with TSCoaM, I had no rules. Not one. And I discovered my true voice. Once I was back on track, I revised The To Fall Trilogy before publishing it.

Where do you get your ideas?

Most of my storylines, believe it or not, come from country music. There might be a song, lyric, or sometimes just the tone of the singer’s voice might spur a scene. In the case of The To Fall Trilogy, I listened to Jake Owen’s deep pipes for two weeks straight until I could get inside Xander and Cresil’s heads. Odd enough, I can’t listen to music anymore while I write, but as soon as a country crooner sings in my ear, I’m transported.


Just some of the music that has inspired me…

The To Fall Trilogy:

“Say Goodnight” The Eli Young Band

“God Gave Me You” Blake Shelton

Anything and everything by Dierks Bentley and Jake Owen

The Cove Series:

“19 You + Me” Dan + Shay

“Take Your Time” Sam Hunt

“Fall Apart” Casey James

“Thinking Out Loud” Ed Sheeran (I also have a thing for tatted-up English dudes)

What does your family think of your writing?

Hmm… Depends on whom you ask. My kids are not fans that I’m at my desk all day long. My husband… If you were to ask him, he would answer that with this question: “Donna, are you happy?” That’s the kind of man he is. A keeper all the way.

What is the best advice you would give to inspiring authors?

Read as much as you write. Sounds so simple. Right? Haha, it’s not. Allow me to let you in on a secret…nothing about writing is simple. Nothing. And this six-word sentence is the same tidbit you will get from all writers. I never understood the why of it, until I started doing it. So let me share, ’cause I’m generous like that.

Reading gets you out of your head. You know the space that you’re in all day, every day, maybe going a little cray cray, ready for a padded room and a special snug jacket? Reading is your medicine. Getting inside someone else’s written world will help you see your own work better. You’ll find the plot holes, the weak points in your character, and, most importantly, your writing will become stronger.

You will start to understand why some novels you want to DNF after two pages and others you will gladly forego all sleep and rock the zombie mode.

You will find your voice through reading.

And maybe when you’re stuck in that in between of YA and Adult, not sure which genre your story fits into, how racy you want your book, how graphic, third person omniscient, third person limited, first person, one or multiple POVs…you’ll find the answers.

Did you break out into a cold sweat yet? If not, ’grats. You know the type of writer you want to be. If you are currently balled up in the fetal position, rocking in a corner, then put down your computer and pick up a book, because you have more reading to do. Your voice is lost. Go find it.

What book are you reading now?

Bets are good it will be JR Ward since my Kindle has been rocking the Black Dagger Brotherhood for months. I’m a sucker for anything by Colleen Hoover and Jennifer L. Armentrout. I’m fairly active on Goodreads and I always encourage stalkers, so come check me out and chat up your fav books.

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