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As a medical resident, Arden Simms has always been known to be a self-reliant, determined woman, but when she falls for Hollywood’s hottest actor, Slayde Price, her carefully prescribed life takes an unexpected turn. When their two worlds collide, Arden and Slayde’s relationship is put to the test as they try to live as newlyweds, but the flashing lights of the paparazzi expose more than Arden’s dilemma with Slayde’s career.

In challenging businesses where success is never a sure thing, each of their careers put pressures on their relationship and cause a rift that may be difficult to fix. Slayde must accept that Arden’s residency program deals with real life and death scenarios, while she has to live along with the scripted drama shrouded by the limelight of his Hollywood life. They must do the impossible to make it work, even when they both have to overcome startling obstacles.

Relationships are never easy, but throw in the glitz and glamour, and it can be disastrous. Can they survive the Price of Fame or will their relationship’s failure be front page news for the tabloids?

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Maggi Craft grew up in a small town in Mississippi just south of Natchez. She attended the University of Southern Mississippi, where she graduated with a degree in Public Relations. She and her husband, Jon, now live outside Jackson, Mississippi, with her daughter, mother, and two dogs.

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Review from Publishers Weekly for The Price of Fame

The Price of Fame

Debut author Craft delivers a well-written, angsty new adult contemporary with an imperfect, lovable heroine. Med student Arden Simms heads to Paris to vacation with her flighty, self-absorbed model sister, Kenedy, but when she gets to the City of Light, her sister is nowhere to be found. Enter Slayde Price, Kenedy’s fellow model and ex-boyfriend, on whom Arden has long had a crush. Passion escalates so quickly that it frightens Arden, and after some devastating news, she does what she does best: she runs away. Slayde follows her to Los Angeles, but as his fame rises after he nabs a key movie role, the pressures of Tinseltown begin to wear on both of them. While Arden’s insecurities are a bit hard to fathom, her vulnerability adds strength to her character, and Slayde’s perfection will have readers hoping for a Slayde of their own. Several appealing secondary characters are slated to star in future series installments. (Feb.)



Book Cover/Wrap designed by Joseph Eastwood 

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