End Note (The Six #2) by Sonya Loveday (Review by #NerdGirlBeth)

end note

Title: End Note (The Six #2)

Author: Sonya Loveday 

Published Date: December 14th 2014

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Coming of Age


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Being stranded in L.A. wasn’t the best start to Jared Jackson’s music career. In fact, it should have been the forewarning that things were not what he thought they’d be. Especially when he’s collected from the airport by the band manager’s sharp-tongued niece.
The draw for Jared is immediate. In his heart, he knows Skylar Murphy is the girl for him. Proving it to her, however, is a whole other story.
As new friendships are forged with his bandmates, Jared learns that the guys are planning to start their own band, effectively severing their band manager’s control.
With his future in peril, Jared’s dream spirals in a tailspin as secrets and lies sweep him into a dangerous life.
One he wasn’t prepared for… and one he can no longer escape from.
Will Jared rise above the destruction or will his new circumstances be his undoing?
Find out in the next installment of The Six Series, End Note, a new-adult romance.
Are you ready to get sixed?

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***#NerdGirlBeth’s  Review***
 Book one in this series had me in an emotional turmoil.  Book two-not so much.  The 1st half of the book is about Jared learning the life of a rock star and figuring out his feelings for  Murphy.  After something horrible happens on the tour, the book starts to pick up.  It slowly started sucking me in, but then it gets kind of weird.  The book takes a huge left turn yanking me out of my comfortable bliss.  Even now I am trying to wrap my head around it.  I can’t really say anything without giving anything away, but just realize that more pieces to the puzzle start to come together.  It will be interesting to see what happens in book three and see how it adds another layer of understanding to the series.


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