The Summer I Fell (The Six #1) by Sonya Loveday (Review by #NerdGirlBeth)

summer i fell

Title: The Summer I Fell (The Six #1)

Author: Sonya Loveday

Published Date: July 27th 2016

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Coming of Age


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“So you wanna be part of the Six, huh? You wish…”
~Jared, Ace, Mark, Josh, Aiden & Eli

Riley Clifton can’t remember a time when she wasn’t a part of the Six, a group of rowdy boys who would do just about anything for her. Growing up alongside of six guys is never easy. Especially in high school. Falling in love with one of the Six? Even harder when Ace has a hold of her heart, and he doesn’t even know it.
Jake (Ace) Aceton has loved Riley for a long time, but has kept the secret oath of the Six. Riley was off limits. At least until after graduation. When he overhears Riley admitting to her best friend, Paige how she feels about him, Ace doesn’t let his chance slip by. Riley, in his mind, has always been his.
When her college plan falls through, and her future is left to the hands of fate, Riley finds herself scrambling to keep up with all the changes. But that’s not the hardest part. The hardest part is saying good-bye, especially to Ace.

Heartache, hard lessons, and a love deeper than her Alabama roots will threaten to crumble Riley’s world as she waits for Ace’s return.

Will Riley and Ace’s love be strong enough to hold them together when life tries to tear them apart?

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***#NerdGirlBeth’s  Review***
It is 430 in the morning , and I haven’t cried that hard since reading a Nicholas Sparks book. I am completely devastated at this point and have to read the next book right now! I shed more tears through this book than I have in a long time. At first, I was sniffling as I read about these eight friends and watched as they embarked on a new chapter in their lives saying goodbye to the past and embracing their unknown future. I had flashbacks of doing the same thing as I graduated from my school over 20 years ago. As the book progressed, I found myself feeling very nostalgic and laughing as they made memories. I loved seeing Riley grow and spread her wings but again this book left me in tears. I highly recommend this book, but I also highly recommend a good box of tissues and maybe a glass of wine beside you as you read and maybe your old yearbook to remind you of times gone by.


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