Spin Me Round #2 by Elle Carmichael (Review by #NerdGirlNoelle)

Spin Me Round 2

Title: Spin Me Round #2

Author: Elle Carmichael 

Published Date: June 24th 2015

Genre:   Erotic, LGBT, Romance, Short Story


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*This is a serial. The installments are not novel length.*

Garnet Delaware is one of LA’s best DJs, although her fight to the top has been far from easy. Life was tough after leaving home at sixteen, but she’s shed sweat and tears to earn the respect of the music industry and is now content in the arms of her girlfriend, Lena. When Garnet is offered the opportunity of a lifetime —performing at music festivals around the country in her breakout tour— she can’t wait to take the next step. However, she’s not looking forward to leaving Lena behind, even if the separation is only temporary.

NFL bad boy Wesley Black has disgraced himself, throwing away his football career. Now he is determined to get back on track to prove he has his life under control. And despite the fact that his dreams have been flushed down the toilet, he wants to redeem himself by helping Garnet achieve hers. But his desire for Garnet grows, so when the tour that he’s managing ends, Wes isn’t ready to let her slip away so easily.

Plans are not always set in stone. An unexpected turn almost ruins Garnet’s career, and the person she most despises wants to help her find her way back. Turns out, the truth has a way of unlocking secrets that can either make Garnet stronger or destroy everything she’s worked so hard to build.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***#NerdGirlNoelle’s  Review***
Well, Elle Carmichael definitely did not disappoint in this follow up to Book 1 of the Spin Me series!

I went in very eager because after the ending of Book 1, I really wanted to see where this story was heading.  Elle did a great job with her writing and setting up the scenes, dialogue, and descriptions, I felt the emotions and everything Garnet and Wes were going through.

As for as the steamy stuff, another winner!! There were some real hot scenes which left you panting after reading! Elle really has you hanging on her every word, I couldn’t read it fast enough!

The plot is really developing nicely, and I like where I hope the story is heading, the characters are starting to fully develop, and after reading Book 2, I feel like I know them a little better now.

As a short story it was a great read in addition to Book 1! I would not recommend as a stand alone, but I do suggest picking this one up after you’v read Book 1, there’s a lot going on that you would need to know to fully understand the plot and characters better. I can’t wait to dive into Book 3!!

It was a real great read, a lot of erotic/steamy scenes, a quick page turner! If you are looking for that quick fix, click the links below, you will not be disappointed!!


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