Ashes and Asphalt by Trevor Halloway (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)

Ashes and Ashphalt

Title: Ashes and Asphalt

Author: Trevor Halloway 

Published Date: March 15th 2015

Genre: Adventure 


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Bill Byrne is dead and his last request is for his estranged sons, Mike and Kyle, to bring his ashes to the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota. They have five days to travel two thousand miles and if they survive a renegade biker from New Orleans, three carjacking lunatics, and the police, they’ll be home free…unless they kill one another first.

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*** Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s  Review***

“Wild Bill” Byrne is a motorcycle enthusiast who’s on his way to his yearly trip to Sturgis with his other motorcycle friends. Unfortunately on the way, Bill suffers from a heart attack where he unfortunately doesn’t make it. His last wish was to have his two estranged sons Mike and Kyle spread his ashes at Sturgis. Even though Mike and Kyle had a falling out many years ago and haven’t even wanted to see or talk to each other, they feel it’s only right to fulfill their late father’s wishes. They get out their old motorcycles and travel thousands of miles in just 5 days, where along the way, they get lost, robbed, beaten up, and almost lose not only their father’s ashes at one point but almost their own lives. But through it all, they realize how much family means to them and grow and become closer through it all.
It was a very good story. There are “flashback” moments, which I especially loved, where the boys were younger and how they interacted with their father and how certain moments led to where they were in the present. “Wild Bill” seemed like such a good character and I only wish there were a few more flashback moments which he was in. The only criticism I have is it had a ton of characters and it was a little hard to keep track of everyone and who they were in relation to their part of the story. Especially the very beginning, there were so many names being thrown around and it was a little confusing as to who was who, and who the main characters were, and what importance they had to the story.

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