Funny Girl (Girl Series Book 3) by Kate Baum – Review by Beth #NerdGirlBeth


Title: Funny Girl (Girl Series Book 3)

Author: Kate Baum

Published Date: April 27, 2014



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Janie was always the life of the party, gifted with a natural ability to make people laugh. Her fun world comes crashing down when she’s attacked coming home from a party. Two good Samaritans happen to come to her aid and save her from a tragic crime. She’s convinced to go to self- defense classes to help her cope with her fear.
Cullen, a professional boxer, can’t seem to stay out of trouble. When trouble befalls him again, an empathetic Judge looks at his upbringing and decides that Cullen needs one more chance. Judge Dillon recognizes that Cullen often looks out for the underdog and this trait may be the only way Cullen can find a purpose in his life. Cullen’s community service sentence is to teach a self-defense course.
Janie believes she will never feel safe among men again. Cullen doesn’t think he is capable of a loving relationship. The problem becomes obvious between them, as neither of them can stop thinking about each other.

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Beth #NerdGirlBeth Review***
 This book was really incredible.  The set up takes a really long time to get through and is a little distracting, but honestly there is very little I would cut.  The set-up is necessary to understand the devastation later and the closeness of her family and three best friends.  I had a myriad of emotions throughout this book.  I laughed, cried, screamed, shook with anger, and absolutely fell in love with every single character in this book.   Now don’t get me wrong, this book is Sexy with a capital S, but this book is about taking back power for women after brutal attacks and learning to love again.  It is also about finding the balance of love and realizing sometimes one person has to carry the weight of the pain for the other sometimes.  It is give and take.  Yes, love can be painful, but it also heals. I so wanted to hear Cullan’s thoughts even for just a chapter, but by the end  I knew his thoughts, and it didn’t matter as much.  Be ready for a powerful must read!

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