The Crossing Hour (The Crossing Hour #1) by Quoleena Sbrocca (Review by Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal)


Title: The Crossing Hour (The Crossing Hour #1)

Author: Quoleena Sbrocca

Published Date: March 29th  2015

Genre: Science Fiction & Time Travel


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Time travel is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Every four and five years, invisible, time travel doorways open and close. Any person or creature caught within the magnetic, gravitational pull awakens incoherently to a future world.

Leigh, a psychology doctorate graduate, awaits the latest event. One traveler arrives, 28-year-old runaway slave, Harriet Tubman, who flees before Leigh can make contact. With the aid of her brother, Stan, an FBI agent in D.C., Leigh begins a desperate search for the 19th century traveler.

When John, a young, mysterious man arrives from rural Pennsylvania, Leigh and Stan work to uncover the truth of his story. All the while, Leigh knows she must find a way to convince Harriet to return to her past, or else history will be forever changed. Struggling to balance her duty to Harriet and the past with the actions of the peculiar gentleman, John, Leigh finds herself buried in a world of secrets that slowly unravel to the end.

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***Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal’s  Review***
Awesome, if you love time travel then this books got to be on your TBR

I read the blurb for this book and thought WOW this sounds a great book… and  I was right, seriously for a first novel I will be watching this author closely.

So One thing I think you should do before reading this book is on the Table of Contents go to
‘THE CROSSING HOUR UNIVERSE OF TIME TRAVEL section  – I didn’t see this until the end, and I think I would have got the ‘science’ a bit more if I had read this part first.

Then Dive into a fantastic story thats got a lot of History wrapped up in a fantastically believable time travel story.  I am seriously wanting Book 2 badly!

The amount of research that the author must have put in is shown in the quality of the storyline and characters.arts off with a beautifully written descriptive summary of the initial opening of the story, Harriet is a brave girl to be so calm and collected in the midst of her waking up in an unknown area with strange unbelievable sites that she cannot begin to fathom.

The story then switches to the POV of the ‘Graf’s” the family of Time Travel researchers, Stanley Graf is the matriarch  and the inventor of the gadgets and initial scientist who had made it his lifes work to prove that natural time travel existed.  With the help of his son Thomas and Thomas’s children Stan who is in the FBI and Leigh who is a Psychologist.

by chapter 5 ‘the witness’ the two main characters interconnect in the present timeline.  Its 2014 and Leigh is in charge of watching the event area for the time travel portal anomaly.  Shes a somewhat clumsy researcher, Loosing Harriet the time traveller , but she’s a quick thinker and manages with the help of her brother Stan to get back on track.

The concept of this book is such an intriguing one, for instance when you meet a time traveller from the past, do you tell them the future they are yet to write into history?  Or keep quiet for fear of disrupting the timeline.

Reading this book sure had me thinking about how I would deal with it, and as I said above, I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

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