Senlin Ascends (The Books of Babel #1) by Josiah Bancroft (Review by Jaime – #NerdGirlJay)

Senlin Ascends

Title: Senlin Ascends (The Books of Babel #1)

Author: Josiah Bancroft 

Published Date: February 27th 2013

Genre: Urban Fantasy


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Senlin, a mild-mannered school teacher, is drawn to the Tower of Babel by the grandiose promises of a guidebook. The ancient and immense Tower seems the perfect destination for a honeymoon. But soon after arriving, Senlin loses his young wife, Marya, in the crowd.

Senlin’s search for Marya carries him through slums and theaters, prisons and ballrooms. He must survive betrayal, assassination, and the long guns of a flying fortress. But if he hopes to find Marya, Senlin will have to do more than survive. This quiet man of letters must become a man of action.


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Your Review (Paste in box): Senlin is a mild mannered school teacher, who has always been fascinated with the Tower of Babel. After marrying Marya, he decides it is the perfect place for their honeymoon. After arriving he loses Marya in the marketplace. After days of searching he heads into the tower and finds out that the tower isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Carried through a never ending play, prison, ballrooms and slums, Senlin is caught up in the madness of the Tower on his search for Marya.He soon finds out that if he is going to find her, he must play his part. Friends turn into enemies and enemies may be friends.

This book has a steampunk vibe to it and I really enjoyed Senlin’s ascent through the Tower. The world described within the Tower is amazing. The characters are well developed and the story flows. Although it all takes place within the Tower, each level Senlin ascends through is a whole different world from the one he was in before. Senlin starts to come into his own by the end of the book and I look forward to reading the next installment. I can’t wait to see where his adventure carries him next and what it has in store for him.


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