Men Like This (Long Shot Romance #1) by Roxanne Smith (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)

Men Like This

Title: Men Like This (Long Shot Romance #1)

Author: Roxanne Smith 

Published Date: April 14th 2015

Genre: Romance


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Can she trust a man who pretends for a living?

Horror author Quinn Buzzly knows all about the dark side, but when she meets actor Jack Decker, she’s moved to explore something completely different—at least on paper. With his sexy good looks, intriguing manner, and charming Irish-tinged English accent, Jack is the perfect model for her next hero. Quinn decides to spend one year in London writing a historical romance inspired by him. Until real life butts in…

Jack’s jealous ex-fiancée sparks a media storm when she accuses him and Quinn of having an affair. But Jack knows how to play this game. At his insistence, Quinn agrees to go along with the faux romance until the chatter subsides. Then they’ll stage a quiet breakup and go their separate ways. Yet Jack is a shameless—and irresistibly convincing—flirt, and Quinn has to remind herself it’s an act. Or is it? If Jack means business, he’ll have to find the words to convince a wordsmith that their love is the real thing…

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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***
When I first started this book, it moved a little slow for me…but it quickly picked up the pace and entertained me. I enjoyed the struggle of our main lady, Quinn. She’s an author who writes mainly horror novels but decides to strike out into the romance genre. Watching her struggle with the novel was entertaining, but watching her argue with her feelings for Jack was completely hilarious. I loved how she was just as confused as Jack was and how there seemed to be some situations that would be perfect in Comedy of Errors. Jack was just as amusing; he tried all the tricks up his sleeves to get Quinn to admit her feelings but forgot the most important thing: telling her the truth about his love.

The story was nicely sewn together, although there was a moment when I questioned Quinn’s sister Emily and her motives. It seemed like she had a bigger ulterior motive than what she said and I feel that maybe her intentions could have been said a little different. How I’m not sure, only that Emily came across a spoiled, immature brat who was jealous of how successful her younger sister is. I was also a little confused as to why Veronica suddenly gave up her pursuit of Jack and her crucifixion of he and Quinn. I was hoping for some fireworks between the three of them and that didn’t really happen.

Regardless of those little issues, I would recommend you pick up a copy and fall in love with Irish Jack.


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