Angels to Ashes by Drew Foote (Review by Jaime – #NerdGirlJay)

Angels to Ashes

Title: Angels to Ashes

Author: Drew Foote 

Published Date: March 5th 2015

Genre: Dark Fantasy


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Barnabas, a Demon of Pride with the predatory heart of a salesman, defies the will of the Inferno.

Kalyndriel, an Avenging Angel, staggers beneath the weight of her own sin.

Walter, a damned human, witnesses the impossible, both on Earth and below.

Three unlikely allies unite against a terror beyond good and evil. Threads of desperation bind their worlds together: Hell, Heaven, and Earth. The emptiness before time gives birth to an abomination … one who dreams of unraveling the tapestry of the God who abandoned His children.

Angels and Demons, alike, dance in the darkness as the world of man trembles beneath them. A mystery is born of a simple professor’s death: a trail that unveils the depravity in the souls of God’s firstborn.

All reap the wages of sin. All betrayals become inevitable over the course of eternity.

All is ashes.

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***Jaime – #NerdGirlJay’s  Review***
Something has gone wrong with the Nexuses that send souls to Heaven or Hell. They are being closed off and souls are being trapped in limbo. Kalyndriel makes it her mission to find out what has gone wrong. To do this she to find the soul of Walter Grey, and his soul is in Hell after making a deal with Barnabus. The three companions set off on a journey to find out what is going on and to set things right, along with Barnabus’s helper, Arcturus.

This was a great debut novel. The story was riveting and the characters engaging. It made me laugh. It is definitely a different twist on other perceptions of Heaven and Hell, good and bad, that I have read. The lines are blurred in this story.

I was pleasantly surprised that this was the author’s debut novel. This is a story with religious references but religion is not pushed. I love the author’s eye to detail and world building. Kalyndriel’s fight against her darker side shows us that not even angelic beings are perfect. I loved Barnabus’s snark and the banter between him and the other characters was refreshing and witty. Walter’s time with Paimon shows us that even demonic beings are not completely evil. Everything has a balance.


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