Rhodes to Security (The Rhodes Family Series) by Carly Wakefiled – Review by Kristin, #NerdGirlSoldier


Title: Rhodes to Security (The Rhodes Family Series)

Author: Carly Wakefiled

Published Date: June 16, 2015

Genre: Romance


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Ethan Rhodes, the eldest of the siblings, has always been the ‘quiet one’, the ‘peacekeeper’ and the ‘responsible one’. That’s not to say he is dull, he gave as good as he got growing up with his scheming brothers. Survival comes from strength and he has that in abundance, how else would he control his emotions and his world, and keep his most personal secrets away from his spy/mother.
So, how is it one slip of a girl, with mischievous grey eyes and a tongue sharp enough to cut reinforced steel (not an unusual thing coming from his family), can strip him naked, metaphorically speaking, and make him lose control?
Sophia Abbott watched her mother get her heart broken time and again growing up as a child. Seeing the effect ‘love’ can have on you has put her off for life.
When Sophia escaped at seventeen she never looked back. She vowed she would never let a thing as fickle as ‘love’ ruin her; nor would she bear the responsibility of raising another child, she had raised her brothers more than her mother had, and had been gone before the arrival of her sister. She wasn’t a complete bitch, she did have a heart, locked up tight somewhere in her chest and the only three people she would ever allow herself to love where in there.
She thought he was gay, he thought she was a major pain in the ass. Yet the sparks they ignite tell a different story.
When opposites attract will it cause chaos or could it be that they are the missing pieces of the same puzzle…?

***Adult Warning – May Contain Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Kristin, #NerdGirlSoldier Review***
If you’ve read my reviews for the previous books in this series then you know that I love the Rhodes family and their antics! I just can’t get enough of them!
This is the third book in the series and while they kinda sorta can be standalone novels, I highly recommend you read from book one. Trust me. In this book we get Sophie and Ethan’s story. To me, this one is so much different than Rhodes to Crazy and Rhodes to Magic because Sophie is such a different character than Arianna and Layla. Sophie had to grow up very quickly and didn’t have a childhood that a normal little girl would have. Because of those experiences, we have a very strong willed, stubborn, independent and feisty woman. I love how my views of Sophie grew as she grew in the book. I started off feeling sorry for the little Sophie then began to have feelings of dislike because of how she treats Ethan to feelings of understanding being a first time mom and finally to feeling happy for her and liking her. Sophie definitely takes you on a roller coaster and I feel that she more so than Ethan grew tremendously in the book.

Ethan is like his siblings: fun, caring, loving, giving and he’s hot like his brothers. But in a way he’s different which is great. He wants a family so badly that sometimes he forgets not everyone grew up in a house like his. I loved that he stuck by Sophie, even when she was just so cantankerous. Ethan does his own share of growing; he has to learn to let Sophie come around to her own feelings and deal with things her way. I enjoyed how he was at times that confused man who just didn’t know what to do or what he’d done wrong. It was like Ethan could have been any man in the world dealing with a pregnant woman.

Like the previous two books, you have a wonderful story that flows together so well. Questions get answered along the journey and you end up a happy reader. Ms. Wakefield has a fan for life right here and I can’t wait for Charlie’s turn to be infuriated by a woman. Please go get these books and share with a friend!


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