Queen of Tomorrow by Sherry Ficklin – ARC Review by Cianna, #NerdGirlSunshine


Title: Queen of Tomorrow

Author: Sherry Ficklin

Published Date: June 30th, 2015

Genre:YA Historical Fiction


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Sophie—now Catherine, Grand Duchess of Russia—had a tough first year at Imperial Court. Married at sixteen to Grand Duke Peter, heir to the throne, and settled in their own palace, things are finally looking up. As a new day dawns, she thinks only of securing her future, and the future of their country, during one of the greatest political upheavals of her time. Fighting desperately against forces trying to depose the Empress Elizabeth and put the young Prince Ivan on her throne, Sophie soon finds herself in the middle of a war brewing between her beloved Prussia, and her new empire. But even as she navigates the fragile political landscape, she quickly realizes that she has only begun to discover the tangled web of deceit and infidelity woven over the lavish court of Oranienbaum Palace.

When a strange and delicate alliance forms between the young couple, she glimpses a future of happiness, only to see it lost in a moment at the hands of those who still seek to end her life—and prevent her reign. Out of favor with the empress and running out of options, Sophie will have to sacrifice her own innocence on the altar of Russia if she is to save the nation, and herself. To survive, she will have to do the unthinkable, betray those closest to her and become something greater and more dangerous than she ever imagined she could be… a queen.

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***Cianna, #NerdGirlSunshine Review***
 First off, I just need to say, WHAT THE HECK?!?! Ficklin you are literally trying to kill me. It’s official, I’ve heard rumors that the author giggles at our pain, but I know it now…she’s evil & wonderful all in one.

This is book 2, if you haven’t read book 1, please go to that RIGHT NOW. I’m timing you, because it’s THAT good. And book 2 does NOT let you down, actually, if they made book 2 into a TV show, I would not need anything else to watch for like a month, maybe longer. This book pushes off from where Book 1 left us, curled into a ball, waiting for more.. and it takes us through an insane rollercoaster of emotion. Sophie, now Catherine, has been battered, beaten and bruised by those at Russian court, but she’s not giving up. She’s going to rise above everyone who tried to push her down, and my god, she does it WELL! This character is so well described that I feel like I know her, I feel like Sophie was my best friend, and I watched her grow and change, I watched her heart break and heal again, and I can’t wait to see what she does in the next book.

In this book, we dive more into Catherine, the queen, we see her start to grow into a ruler, a leader, and more importantly, a real woman. She has tied herself to Peter, for better or worse, and it seems worse is the way it’s going to be, but now she’s got Sergi at her side, to guard and protect her. He is definately my favorite. Move over Alexander, Sergi is here. Handsome, skilled, smart and cunning. Exactly what Catherine needs. Living life a a female in this time was hard, but a female royal? It’s almost impossible not to misstep against someone, and that kept me on the edge of my seat, and made me want to read all day long instead of work. Catherine learned some hard lesson, but even as it killed us, it elevated her to a new level, and a new stage of the game

This book, much like book 1, leaves us waiting, wondering, dying for more. The way Ficklin ended this novel is so perfect, we know what Catherine/Sophie’s plan is from here on out, and I for one CANNOT wait to see it happen. There are people in this novel just begging to be kicked off their high throne.

I honestly DO NOT want to wait for the final book! I don’t! I wish i could throw a 3 year old level temper tantrum and get myself a copy right now, but that’s just not going to happen.. sadly. (If I thought it would work, I’d be doing it FYI). This book is not to be missed. It raises the bar (which I thought couldn’t get higher after book 1) and then jumps over it like an olympic pole vaulter, Ficklin clearly shows a mastery for the craft and for the ability to reduce her audience to a tiny little ball of emotion, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Bring on book 3! I’m ready!

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