All I’ve Never Wanted by Ana Huang (Review by #NerdGirlNoelle)

All ive never wanted

Title: All I’ve Never Wanted 

Author: Ana Huang 

Published Date: June 9th 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Romance


1 star

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The Scions were the four richest, most powerful guys at Valesca Academy, and they ruled the school with iron fists. Everyone wanted to date them or be them…everyone, that is, except Maya Lindberg, who just wanted to avoid them until she could graduate.

She almost succeeded, until an ill-advised outburst on her part put her right in the Scions’ path. Just like that, one became her fake boyfriend, one her unwanted matchmaker, one her guardian angel, and the one she couldn’t stand the most? Yeah, he’s her new housemate.

A Young Adult romantic comedy that explores what happens when a girl gets everything she never asked for, including a puppy, a new wardrobe, and, possibly, even true love.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***# Review***
 This book started off with great potential! I love a good Cinderella story, and I thought for sure that’s where we were headed with Maya and the Scions.
I really enjoyed the story line of the rich/private high school, however I just found some of it to be very unrealistic; the taking the jet for lunch breaks, private classrooms/lounges, bathrooms with plush furniture in them, lockers with fingerprint access, it just seemed too far fetched.  I understood they were rich, but felt it was being thrown around too much.  I found there to be too much label dropping of all luxurious brands and names.  I didn’t need to be reminded of how rich they were throughout the entire novel.
The relationships were hard to decipher at first, I couldn’t tell who was going to end up with who.  I felt like the whole beginning of the novel where Maya was spending time with Parker, Zach, and Carlo could have gone in so many directions, and it was almost halfway through when you realized the plot was to develop the relationship between Maya & Roman.
Their relationship was a good build up, and being this is a young adult book, it was very rated pg, nothing graphic beyond some kissing, and references to sex.
Towards the end of the book I felt like it was just going off in too many directions & subplots and very far fetched with the story line that develops with James, Rico, etc.
It had great potential, and I really did enjoy the idea behind the story with the lives of the rich teens, however for me, it was too unrealistic and I didn’t feel connected to the story.
I felt the ending was too confusing and random.

However, when all is said & done, it was quite an entertaining  idea for a story!


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