King Callie (Callie’s Saga, #1) by B. Lynch (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)

King Callie

Title: King Callie (Callie’s Saga, #1)

Author: B. Lynch

Published Date: April 23rd 2015

Genre: Historical Fantasy 


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Caliandra, the teenage princess of Barra, is in dire straits.

Not only did her fiancé break off their engagement and leave her for a richer woman, but Caliandra’s father is gravely ill – and if her brother Valric is unable to find the cure he’s set out for, their titles and wealth will disappear. Their father had been chosen as king by a magic axe, and when he passes on, so does the crown.

Soon, the worst befalls the princess – Valric turns up dead, her father succumbs to disease, and the axe goes missing, leaving the throne open for a coup by the devious Minister of War. Caliandra and her mother decide to risk everything on a desperate bid to find the axe and oust the Minister, driven by a prophecy that the proper King will take his place – Caliandra.

But when she finds out which trusted family friend betrayed her brother, will Caliandra’s thirst for revenge sabotage her only chance at the crown?

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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
First I wanted to say that I was fresh from reading A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, when I chose to read King Callie by B. Lynch and the COVER is what drew me into picking the book from our review board. The strong heroine with her stylish feminine armor and mid-evil weaponry drew me in! Top notch visual artistry! A definite plus for visual appeal!!

Calisandra is a teenage princess but being princess doesn’t give her a pass over the teenage issues that us “regular” people have to endure. Her Fiance breaks off their engagement for another women (with more money), her father is ill, her brother is then set on a quest to find a cure but turns up dead. With no cure, all is lost ~ AS YOU SEE THEIR FATHER WAS CHOSEN AS KING BY A MAGIC AXE AND WHEN HE PASSES SO DOES IS CROWN.

As all stories there is villain working within the kingdom, a person who you think is out to help but is not who they really are. Who do you have left. A princess who is still a teenager by rights, her mother a seer and tons of political figures. All she has to rely on is herself!!

The story has so much to it, it evolves a lot and it is takes a moment to get into BUT once you do it’s smooth sailing. I sincerely fell in love with Calisandra and her drive to keep the throne and her family’s power!!! Her strength alone was beautiful and kept the book entrancing!!

B Lynch I tip my Nerd Girl hat to you and give you 4 Stars. I can not wait until Book 2!!


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