New Dawn (Divine War, #1) by Magus Tor (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)

new Dawn

Title: New Dawn (Divine War, #1)

Author: Magus Tor

Published Date: February 19th 2015

Genre: Sci Fi


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Maicee is known to his peers as a fresh surgical graduate, distinguished and highly ambitious in his field. What they do not know is that he has a hidden past that haunts him in his dreams. When his uncle Kabi stumbles upon a Chamonkey, a talking, monkey-like creature, that he alone knows belongs to Maicee’s royal sister, Princess Ausanne, Kabi knows it is time for the war between the light and the dark and for Maicee to uncover his true blood strength, borne of a human and an Archangel, that would be their ultimate weapon against the Supreme Emperor. However, having just been offered an illustrious career by his professor, and not knowing the truth of his past, Maicee refuses. Nonetheless, he is dragged into the battle. His reluctance is contrasted by his best friend and equally brilliant surgeon, Ben-ho, who joins the team enthusiastically with a self-serving agenda. Joined soon after by his sister, Princess Ausanne, whose blood ties with Maicee are only known by Kabi, the four embark on a journey across the world of Archeonis. Will Maicee and his companions survive the trap set by the Supreme Emperor and save the world from impending disaster or watch it burn to waste?

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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***
I read that this was the author’s first novel to be written (though it is well down the list in order of publication). This does not, however, show except for the obvious grammar mistake in the synopsis published.
Everything else is as well written as I have come to expect from Magus Tor. (I have to wonder if he wrote that synopsis himself.)
You will quickly identify with Maicee and turn pages as quickly as your reading speed allows to enjoy the dozens of action sequences, all so well written that you will feel you are there.
Another triumph for Magus Tor and I look forward to enjoying the next instalment.


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