The Girl I Was Before (Falling #3) by Ginger Scott (ARC Review by #NerdGirlJulie)

Girl I was before

Title: The Girl I Was Before (Falling #3) 

Author: Ginger Scott

Published Date: Expected June 23rd 2015

Genre:   NA Romance


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I’m the selfish one. I suppose that’s the nicest thing people say about me. I’ve heard the other things, too. “Paige Owens is a pretty girl with nothing else to offer. She’s just a good time at a party. She’s stupid, heartless, cold and useless. All she cares about is getting a guy to look at her. Why would anyone want to be her friend?”

Some of those things are true. Others were true. They’re all hurtful.

None of it matters.

I’m ready to make the hard choices. I’m ready to face the consequences. I’m ready to be the girl I was before, and I’m done being the one who lost her way.

I’m ready to become the girl Houston Orr sees when he looks at me.

Houston isn’t a star athlete. He doesn’t play in a band. He’s never going to be president, and his life is so far away from simple and easy it isn’t even funny.
He wasn’t part of my plan. But I’m starting to think plans are overrated, and maybe our stories are what we make them. And mine depends entirely on me, and the choices I make…starting now.

Houston is my fairytale. He’s perfectly imperfect. He’s poetry and life. He’s truth and heartbreak, all rolled up in a tall body with dark hair, broad shoulders and green eyes that lull me into submission. He’s nothing I ever thought I wanted, but the very thing I need. He’s the only guy I’ve ever really loved, and he thinks I’m a princess. I fell into him, and now I’m holding on.

But sometimes life takes away our ability to choose. Sometimes…things aren’t in your control. Sometimes, it hurts to be selfless. My only hope is that when it comes time to choose, I get it right.

Welcome to my once upon a time and wish for happily ever after.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***#NerdGirlJulie’s  Review***

The Girl I Was Before by Ginger Scott is the third book in her Falling series.  Each book has tie-ins to the other books, but they can be read and thoroughly enjoyed as stand-alone books.  I loved each one of the books.  I would have to say that  The Girl I Was Before feels a little  more intense than that of This is Falling and Everything After.

Paige is all about style over substance.  She has the looks and the personality.  She wants to be the “It” girl with the best, most socially-successful boyfriend.  She has a plan and a path to reach her goal.  Unfortunately, she makes some stunningly selfish decisions in order to get what she wants.  You know the saying, “be careful what you wish for”?  It applies to Paige.  She got what she thought she wanted but at a significant cost to her sister, Cass.  When Paige sees the damage done and the root meanness of her sorority sisters , she is haunted by her poor decisions.  When she attempts to retaliate, it’s not clear who she is really trying to punish:  her sister’s rival,the sorority president, whose reputation might be sullied or herself as she knows she’ll be ostracized by the group she so desperately wanted to be a part of.

Paige is one of those characters you want to hate because of her apparent shallowness and callousness, but every once in a while, she does something that is inherently kind and reveals a bit of the girl she was before.  Ginger Scott paints a perfect picture of outwardly beautiful and inwardly conflicted Paige.

Carson is her macho, ill-mannered frat-boy boyfriend.  Aside from getting Paige into all the best parties, he adds nothing to the relationship.  In fact, the extent of his disrespect of women is astounding.  Carson helps readers see just how insecure Paige has become.

Houston is also a student at McConnell, however, his life is a lot more complicated than most students.  He does not have much money and he has a lot of baggage.  He also has ethics and integrity.  He wants to be a carefree college student, but that is not the path his life took.  The trials and tribulations he has endured, as well as some carefully told childhood stories by Paige’s sister, Cass, gives him the insight to see the girl Paige was before.  He champions her efforts to be that girl again.

I love Paige’s vulnerability and bravery as well as Houston’s patience and inner strength.  It is delightful to  read a story where the female lead is not rescued by a guy.  Paige is the princess who can rescue herself and offer strength to the knight in shiny armor.

Ginger Scott has another hit on her hands with The Girl I Was Before.  She masterfully wove in various story lines from all three of the books in the Falling series.  The characters’ dialogue is lyrical.  She has added smart, witty humor that doesn’t overwhelm the story.  The storyline complexity she has added to The Girl I Was Before makes for a  rich reading experience that I know I will be enjoying again very soon.  The secondary characters, many of whom were main characters in prior books, add subtle dimensions to Paige’s and Houston’s story without stealing the spotlight.  The Girl I Was before is another great story about the ups and downs of life and love in early adulthood.  It’s an engaging story about a strong young woman who happens to find an extraordinary young man with whom she falls in love.

If you haven’t read any of Ginger Scott’s other books, The Girl I Was Before is sure to make you an ardent fan.


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